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    Genesis Audio Limited has earned many awards from manufacturers that have acknowledged our leadership position, for not only Ohio, but the United States. We pride on ourselves delivering quality products with a quality installation, and most of all, serving you, the customer. Customer satisfaction and industry performance go hand-in-hand.

    We feel fortunate to be recognized by these companies. We wish to thank our customers, manufacturers, manufacturer representatives and everyone who made accomplishing our dream - possible.

    2013 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" by Paradigm.
    2012 - Awarded “First Runner-up" by Paradigm's for "Dealer of the Year".
    2011 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" by End Result Marketing.
    2010 - Awarded “Regional Dealer” Stewart Film screen.
    2009 - Awarded "Market Leader" from Revel Loudspeakers.
    2008 - Awarded "Regional Dealer of the Year" from Tributaries Cable.
    2007 - Awarded "Market Leader" from Projectiondesign.
    2006 - Awarded "Top Dealer - Eastern Region" from Anthem.
    2005 - Awarded "Market Leader" from Mirage Loudspeakers.
    2004 - Awarded "Sales Leader" from Denon America.
    2003 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" Energy Loudspeakers.
    2002 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" from the Harman Group.
    2001 - Awarded "Market Leader" from SpeakerCraft, Inc.
    2000 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" from Mirage, Inc.
    1999 - Awarded "Dealer of the Year" from Da-Lite, Inc.
    1998 - Awarded "Sales Leader" from Runco, Inc.