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  • Home Theater | Projectors | Amplifiers | Dedicated Theater

    This installation features state of the art components in a dedicated home theater room with the desire to achieve the highest performance possible. Projector is by RUNCO and speakers are by REVEL, with audio / video components and lighting control by CRESTRON. This room featured high quality amplifiers by BRYSTON. This room was taken another step forward with acoustic sound panels by KINETICS.

    Project design and specification: Chuck Ellisor

  • Distributed Video | Televisions | Mounts | Indoor Pool

    This was a challenging installation, both with the exposure to moisture for the indoor swimming pool, visible on the bottom right, with the pool cover in place, and the height of the television location. We used a unique bracketing mount that provided us additional security and access to the back panel.

    Project design and specification: Steve Stabile

  • Distributed Video | Televisions | Mounts

    This installation shows how often times, we are able to find space for entertainment - where there was none. The television mount is actually a pull-out swivel base that greatly enabled the home owners to enjoy the video entertainment from where ever they sat in the room, something that was not possible with a fixed cabinet mount.

    Project design and specification: Kurt Jones

  • Home Networking | Televisions

    This client loves to cook and wanted to have the web with cooking shows and recipes at hand. With a CISCO WiFi system installed, their wish was easily achieved. Not only is there no wires for the ethernet, but where ever they choose to place the television/monitor, they were assured of receiving a strong signal.

    Project design and specification: Steve Stabile

  • Distributed Video | Televisions |

    No matter where you are, you can access all your movies, channels and DVR recordings. While the bathroom may not offer room for a 50" screen, it does deliver what you need to start your day, with the latest weather and the daily news. Sometimes a small screen can be the perfect size for watching some of your old favorite movies when you just want to - relax in a hot bathtub and enjoy.

    Project design and specification: Steve Stabile

  • Distributed Video | Televisions | Control |

    This beautiful casual dining area demanded a television for the morning news and weather, and of course, access to the DVR and the occasional DVD. We responded with a small SHARP LCD television with a control solution that was easy for everyone in the family. The distributed video system allows all the clutter of the DVR, DVD to be tucked away in the hall closet, but still easily accessed from the kitchen.

    Project design and specification: Steve Stabile