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WOLF manufactures what is possibly the most cinematic projector we've ever seen. What is Cinematic? Saturated colors, deep rich blacks, and detail that is not over etched. The net result - believability!

FROM $8,000 / $95,000


SONY as a company has made the commitment to 4K and the new VPL-VW1000ES with 4K performance must be seen to see what the future holds. In a word - dazzling!.

FROM $2,999 / $24,995

  • WOLF

    WOLF Cinema is dedicated to producing the finest professional grade projectors available on the market. Reliability is a core value for WOLF, with each component hand selected based on its solidity and reliability and the entire system being brought together using the highest standards.

    The performance goals for WOLF Cinema, from inception, were to produce the most natural appearing projectors possible. While others strive simply to attain high quality video performance, WOLF engineers sought to build much of film’s attributes into each WOLF projector. We have not seen video performance as natural, believable and film like until we experienced WOLF. And that is why we are proud to be a WOLF Cinema dealer. We feature the SDC-15 in our showroom. Stop in and experience the WOLF difference.

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  • SONY

    The SONY offers a tremendous lineup of home theater projectors. Offering two levels of performance, the entry level HW Series the VPL-HW40ES, HW55ES, and their reference level the VW Series with the VW350ES, VW600ES, and the incredible VPL-VW1000ES with 4K resolution.

    While some may consider SONY a mainstream product, they may not realize just how committed SONY is to the residential home theater customer. From the high-end all the way to the value oriented customer, SONY has a history of delivering superb projectors. The SONY Qualia 004 projector was a tour-de-force when released and they have not stopped with their development of SXRD technology. The VPL-1000ES is yet again, SONY's unequivocal commitment to building the reference projector in this fierce product category. We are proud to have been an authorized SONY dealer since 1997.

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A projector engineered for PowerPoint presentations in well lit conference rooms, is biased to deliver high contrast and high light output. However, these attributes come at a cost: a narrow color gamut, and inaccurate color rendition.

What's makes for a good projector in a conference room, is a poor projector for home theater. We carry a wide range of projector brands, each engineered for specific applications.
Come in and let's see what will work best for you. John Senters, President, Genesis Audio Limited


RUNCO single-handedly established the home theater projector market we enjoy today. They have a proud history of engineering firsts and have always pushed to the deliver the best picture available.

FROM $4,995 / $113,995


VIVITEK offers projectors specifically developed for the commercial market. This projector was designed for ultra-short throw projection applications. From conference rooms to church halls, VIVITEK has a solution.

FROM $1,499 / $14,999


    Runco International, Inc. is the leading name in the “Home Theater” industry. For over twenty years, Runco has been synonymous with the leading edge of home theater projectors. The company is credited with having the vision to see an industry evolving when none existed. Runco built a strong foundation for the home theater industry to become a distinguishable segment of the retail landscape. Runco has continued to produce magic, with products being reviewed to highest acclaims and awarded the highest recognition in the industry.

    RUNCO's newest offerings feature some incredible technology that has the industry playing catch up. The Q-750i with it's lampless LED light source sets new standards for the widest color gamut available on a home projector! There are so many advancements that RUNCO has advanced over the years. We are proud to be a RUNCO dealer since the day we opened our doors, in March of 1997.

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    VIVITEK has a complete line of residential, commercial and industrial projectors. VIVITEK's extensive line-up of award-winning digital projection devices incorporates the latest innovations and technologies to deliver superior products for their intended application. Presentations in board rooms or conference halls or church halls, have different demands and require different projectors developed for that specific application.

    VIVITEK′s new projectors allow us to be creative with installations. From edge-blending and stacking to warping and interchangeable lens options for more flexibility, Vivitek shows off the various applications that its projector line can perform. So if you're needing a video wall, with multiple projectors synchronized, VIVITEK offers the solutions.

    VIVITEK website


    EPSON is recognized as a pioneer in corporate and education projectors, but in recent years have expanded their line and technologies to produce excellent projectors for the home theater category. EPSON has brought their years of experience and resources to deliver the new PRO CINEMA projector series.

    We believe the PRO CINEMA EH-LS10000 has set a new level of performance in its price class. The elite Pro Cinema EH-LS10000 home theater projector combines 3LCD Reflective laser projection and 4K Enhancement Technology2 for an involving movie theater experience. It produces stunning, crystal-clear images with unbelievable detail, even close to the screen. We have the Pro Cinema EH-LS10000 on display, so stop in and see the performance for yourself. It is a stunner!

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