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You will hear us say..."We carry some of the best brands in the World." There are reasons why we say that.

It has never been enough to carry the highest performing product in the category. There are other facets to consider, reliability, build quality and responsiveness in support. While we believe in carrying the very best performing products possible, we also recognize that products are only as good as the people behind the product.

As we all have discovered, when we need responsive support, it's people, not product that make the difference. We carry brands that exemplify excellence in every dimension, including the human.

Brands that have stood the test of time!

Genesis Audio Limited, has always carried the finest brands in home electronics.
Brands that have always shown a commitment to quality.
Brands with a track record of performance and innovation.
Brands that offer exceptional value, performance and reliability well above the selling price.

We believe you'll be using your entertainment system for years.
Quality products from quality manufacturers is how it begins.

Brand recognition isn't the hallmark of quality

Some of the brands you may not have heard of, as they have limited resources. They focus their dollars on R&D, not on marketing. Brands such as Martin Logan speakers, Ayre and Bryston electronics are brands similarly found in other lifestyle categories: Martin guitars, Seven bicycles, or Breitling watches. They all share similar traits: impeccable performance, exceptional build quality, and outstanding support.

"We carry some of the best brands in the world!
We have worked for over twenty years to acquire the brands in our stable."

John Senters, President, Genesis Audio Limited

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