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    Cables and interconnects is a category that is often a center for controversy. Expensive cables, interconnects are often treated with great respect by some and great skepticism by others. It seems there are believers and non-believers whether cables and interconnects can make an "apparent" difference on a system. Simply put, at Genesis Audio Limited we sell our products because we believe in them. While we aren't on a crusade to make believers out of the non-believers, our position is that cables and interconnects can, (a.) make an immediately apparent difference, and (b.) are system dependent.

    Cables and interconnects are an opportunity to not just fine-tune your system, but to optimize the entire system to perform at its best. This is not a lot different than the optimization that a racing car undergoes at different racetracks. Fine tuning corrects for environmental situations, specific component attributes and their liabilities.

    Overall, the fine-tuning is the final step to achieve a desirable synergy with all the individual components to achieve a superior performing system. We have three brands that can do just that. They offer a tremendous improvement over stock cables and interconnects and when done well, can elevate your system to a new level of performance that otherwise would not have been possible.

    You will notice that we highly recommend the NORDOST, CLARUS and TRIBUTARIES brands. We carry only the products that exemplify best-in-category performance and value. We carry three well regarded brands that offer something different for each solution.

    Talk with one of our consultants on what you might consider for your system. We encourage you to test drive our cables and interconnects and use them for an in-home evaluation. There is nothing like discovering the differences yourself and revealing the full potential of your system.


    NORDOST™ makes cables that are used around the globe as reference level interconnect and speaker cables. NORDOST™ is dedicated to the application of technology to the pursuit of audio excellence. NORDOST™ has a proven history of trickling down its unique technologies, and that applies to the performance level you seek.

    NORDOST™ has five levels of performance: Flatline, Leif, Norse 2, Reference and Supreme Reference. While some products are stratospheric in price, overall their product line, especially the Leif, and Norse 2 offer exceptional performance and value in their price category. The Reference cables are consistently ranked as best of breed in their category.

    What's interesting is that NORDOST™ is used by many of us at Genesis Audio Limited, and that's the best endorsement we can give. We have believed in the product since we brought it on board in 1998. We carry the product because we believe in it.

    The sound could be categorized as exceptionally fast, open and neutral. If you desire more clarity into the musical event with more detail, transient speed and transparency, the NORDOST™ line of products should be on your short list. Highly recommended.

    NORDOST website


    CLARUS is the reference line of cables and interconnects from Tributaries™. We have always been impressed with the Tributaries™ line of interconnects and speaker cable. They offer great performance for the dollar and when you peel back the outer layer, the construction quality is first rate. Something that cannot be said for some high-end cables and interconnects. We were so impressed with the CLARUS line, that we became the first dealer in the United States for CLARUS.

    CLARUS has two levels of performance, Crimson and Aqua. The Clarus Crimson audio cables are engineered to provide the ultimate listening experience for discriminating audio enthusiasts. The Aqua audio cables provide the same unique performance features found in the Crimson products, but are designed with slightly smaller wire gauges. The Aqua was rated as "Best Products of 2012" by Absolute Sound magazine.

    Engineered by accomplished cable and electronics designer and engineer, Jay Victor. Each of CLARUS' high-end cables incorporates a host of patented and patent-pending technologies and is constructed of the finest metallurgy and materials: CNC-machined gold-plated connectors, individually insulated interconnect and speaker cable strands, new multi-gauge innovations and precision impedances and complemented by meticulous hand craftsmanship.

    The CLARUS line of cables and interconnects could be summarized as being coherent, and musically involving. CLARUS achieves this by revealing the rich harmonics of the music. If your system has a tendency to be dry, edgy or strident, CLARUS should be considered. While the CLARUS line does not mask detail, it renders detail and harmonics with equal precision. CLARUS makes you stop hearing the equipment and start listening to the music. Highly recommended.

    CLARUS - website


    Tributaries has been a part of Genesis Audio Limited for over a decade. And for good reason, TRIBUTARIES makes a well-conceived and well-executed product for a very reasonable price. TRIBUTARIES makes a complete range of cables from audio to video and specialty distribution solutions as well. TRIBUTARIES establishes that even modestly priced cables can make an immediately apparent difference in the performance of your system.

    We believe, that in its price category, the performance of the TRIBUTARIES product line is unmatched by any other manufacturer. Highly Recommended.

    TRIBUTARIES website