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    Control is the most overlooked component in any home theater or home system. When it's done properly, control is simple, intuitive and as quietly efficient as the thermostat in your home. When it's done poorly, it's frustrating, maddening and is the single biggest source of installation problems.

    Control won't receive the same press as the latest new LCD… However in our book, control is the component in achieving the most important issue: your satisfaction. Perhaps part of the problem is the mind set that has carried over from the nineties. If we have a remote control, it will run the equipment. Well... unless you like having a pile of remotes on the coffee table, that work most of the time, you should definitely consider some smart alternatives.

    Customers will be the first to say; "I don't need that level of sophistication in control". What they are really saying is, "I don't need to spend that amount of money on control". But while they try to save money in the beginning, they and their family, quickly discover that they can't operate the system, simply or reliably, and in the long term, everyone's frustrated with the installation.

    At Genesis Audio Limited we go to great lengths to understand a customer's needs, and recommend the appropriate solution. We recommend what you need, not what you think you want. What most people want is an inexpensive remote control. What they need is a system integrator, which is more expensive. Control solutions are system integrators. They make everything work together intuitively and reliably. The price of a quality control solution has dropped dramatically in the last decade. Today, you can control your home theater, media library, heating and cooling, lighting and security from anywhere in the home, work or anywhere in the world from your laptop or phone.

    We're living in the twenty-first century. The old infrared remote controls are a clumsy relic from an unreliable past. Our control solutions are intuitive and reliable. In fact, you'll just love it, and so will your family - isn't that the end goal?


    CRESTRON offers a solution above a home entertainment control system, CRESTRON makes a home automation solution. CRESTRON offers the most robust and technically capable solution for the home. When it comes to your home and your life, you don't settle for anything but the very best. You want everything to be complete, easy and worry-free. That's what a true home automation solution should be, and that's what you get with CRESTRON.

    A CRESTRON home automation will make your life better and simpler, not more complicated. You want it to blend naturally into your home and lifestyle. Really, you just want everything to work, and work reliably, so you don't have to think about it. If there's one thing you can count on it's that your life and needs will change. Your life, family, and home are unique. Unlike "one size fits all" solutions, a CRESTRON system is infinitely customizable to blend in with your lifestyle. A CRESTRON home automation system is infinitely flexible, so it can grow right along with those changing needs.

    CRESTRON has been the industry leader in home automation and control for more than four decades. All CRESTRON products are designed, built, and guaranteed to work together flawlessly as a complete system. CRESTRON doesn't just add technology to your home; it simplifies all the technology already there. We don't add layers of complexity; we remove them.

    With CRESTRON you can easily control everything in your home, room-by-room, using our large touch screens, i-pads, or smart phones at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

    CRESTRON website


    CONTROL4 has made a significant impact in the residential control category. Since we began carrying the product in 2008, we have enjoyed nothing but success and growth. The product has been very reliable and does what it advertises.

    Simply put - CONTROL4 makes technology simple. CONTROL4 has introduced new products and expanded their line and capabilities for 2015. And it’s right on time. With the staggering growth of online entertainment, media and smart phone capabilities, we believe this control system couldn't be more timely.

    CONTROL4 uses scaleable technology that lets you grow the system at a a pace that fits you, wireless capabilities make installation a breeze.

    A customer, put it this way: “CONTROL4 changed the conversation my wife and I have.” Instead of a 5:30 PM phone call of: “what did you do to the TV?, it’s now “where do you want to go for dinner?”. CONTROL4 is powerful and affordable. Two words that usually don’t go together. Come in and try it out for yourself. Simplify your technology. Everyone in your family will thank you.

    CONTROL4 website

  • RTI

    RTI makes using technology easy with a complete line of award-winning home control solutions. While RTI makes very sophisticated and capable control solutions, we believe their universal remote control solutions offer terrific value at a very affordable price. They are very easy to use, require the least amount of programming and everyone is familiar with the control layout of a hand held remote control.

    With the ability to control the home theater, whole house audio, lighting, HVAC, and security to name a few, RTI provides a simple, unified interface for today's home control demands. With a complete lineup of handheld and in-wall controllers, as well as powerful system processors, RTI products can be integrated into virtually any home environment for a truly enjoyable control experience.

    RTI control systems allow every member of the family to easily operate even the most sophisticated home theater. With one-touch control and automation of audio, video, and lighting systems, RTI can eliminate the clutter and confusion of multiple remotes, so more time can be spent enjoying the home cinema experience.

    RTI website