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BRYSTON's new BDA-3 has once again kept BRYSTON in the forefront of the DAC market. Canadian innovation and quality!

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MOON offers world class performance at competitive price points.

FROM $2,200


    BRYSTON had a huge hit on their hands with the BDA-1 and BDA-2. The BDA series firmly established their capabilities as a first rate manufacturer of not only top flight amplifiers, but top flight DAC's. The new BDA-3 continues BRYSTON's opportunity to add yet another, smash hit.

    The BRYSTON BDA-3 has been a smashing success. From around the world, glowing reviews have been written and BRYSTON's exceptional capabilities in the digital domain have been underlined. A state of the art external Stereo DAC (digital to analog converter) delivers superb sonic performance through re-sampling and re-clocking of the digital input signal. The most notable difference between the BDA-2 and BDA-3, in addition to PCM playback capable of 384kHz/32 bit resolution, is that the BDA-3 is fully DSD enabled. The BDA-3 can decode up to DSD-256, through asynchronous USB inputs, and accepts SACD input via HDMI.

    BRYSTON website

  • MOON

    MOON has five dedicated DAC products:
    NEO Series: 280D | 380D
    Evolution Series: 650D | 750D | 780D

    Each are developed for their respective price category and all sound fabulous for the money.

    The MOON NEO 380D is able to be paired with the MOON 380 preamplifier. Enhancing this Digital-to-Analog Converter are two separate options; the MOON MiND music streamer module via Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, and a high quality remote-controlled volume circuit feeding both balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) analog outputs. The 380D is targeted at individuals with computer-based audio setups, large digital music collections or multiple digital sources.

    MOON has more advanced DAC's and they are available in the Evolution Series, the 650D, 750D and 780D models.

    MOON website

"DAC's have come of age, available as a separate component,
or as an integrated component with the Digital Music Players."

Loren Wool, Sales Consultant, Genesis Audio Limited


CAMBIDGE offers the DacMagic and the DacMagic Plus that extends the DacMagic's capabilities with Upsampling, and a WIFI connection.

FROM $495


The AYRE QB-9 is a Reference level external DAC and quintessentially AYRE.

FROM $2,750


    CAMBRIDGE makes two separate DAC's: theDacMagic100 and the DacMagic Plus.
    The DacMagic100 is incredibly flexible and supports digital files of virtually any format including the very highest quality 24-bit studio master or lossless quality audio files stored on your computer. Custom developed from the ground-up by our dedicated team in the heart of London, there's an incredible amount of hi-tech engineering inside including our the very latest digital to analogue converter from market-leader Wolfson.

    The DacMagic Plus offers a WI-FI connection, XLR connectors and all incoming audio data, such as CD at 16-bit 44.1kHz CD, is upsampled to 24-bit 192kHz using a high-end 32-bit Analog Devices DSP (Digital Signal Processor). The signals are carefully analyzed and upgraded using the ATF2 upsampling system.
    Available in Black or Silver.

    CAMBRIDGE AUDIO features their Azur 851D as their flagship DAC coupled with a world class digital preamplifier. Reviews have been very positive.


  • AYRE

    AYRE makes what might be one of the best DAC's on the market today. The QB-9 is AYRE's only DAC. It represents their best. A simple USB connection engages the Asynchronous transfer mode ensuring accurately timed music with jitter levels over a hundred times lower than previous USB solutions. Our minimum phase digital filter and single-pass 16x oversampling technology release layers of musical resolution—uncovering the emotional soul of your music.

    The AYRE QB-9 is recognized around the world as being one of the best DAC's on the market today, We encourage you to read the reviews on this page. The QB-9 is quintessential AYRE.

    New for Ayre is the Codex. Equally at home as a stand alone DAC, headphone amp, or digital preamp, the Codex can unlock the potential of any system.

    AYRE website