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SONY's new HAPZ1-ES brings dazzling musical performance and ease of use together into one elegant and sophisticated solution.

FROM $995 / $1,995


SONOS CONNECT offers exceptional value for the dollar - bringing WiFi streaming and Smart Phone ease of us - into one modestly priced package.

FROM $349 / $499

  • SONY

    SONY offers two excellent products in the player category.

    HAP-Z1 ES
    The SONY HAP-Z1 ES is a new product in a new category for SONY. It's quite clear, the trend in home music is the integrated digital player, that stores, organizes, and plays your music library from a Smart Phone or tablet. Enter the HAPZ1-ES. It does all of these things, but with a level of performance that is difficult to match with price competitive separates. When you price out all that's included - the SONY HAPZ1-ES offers the buyer an easy to use, refined and class leading performing, digital music player. Couple the HAP-Z1 ES with the matching SONY TA-1 ES integrated amplifier, and you've got a complete audio solution that has few rivals in its price class.

    Features: Playback of DSD and the full range of Hi-Res file formats | 1TB hard drive for local music playback and storage | Internet Radio | DSD re-mastering engine upconverts all formats to DSD signals | Built-in Wi-Fi for app control and music transfer from computer.
    Price: $1,999 - Silver finish only.

    The HAP-S1 is the younger brother to the HAP-Z1, however, this brother has one important distinction - muscle! The HAP-S1 includes a 40 watt per channel amplifier. The key advantage is that you've got volume control at your fingertips from your smartphone or tablet. The HAP-S1 gives up the larger drive and higher quality DAC's of the HAP-Z1, but delivers a terrific value in a single box - digital music player solution.

    Features: Hi-Res Music Playback
    500GB Hard Drive for music playback
    Digital Sound Enhancement Engine
    WiFi Built-in
    “HDD Audio Remote” for iOS and Android phones and Tablets
    Expandable storage via US
    Price: $995 available in black or silver


    SONOS offers a pair of solutions, the CONNECT AND CONNECT:AMP. The CONNECT is a modestly priced WiFi digital player. Turn your stereo or home theater into a music streaming system with this wireless solution. The Sonos system will play music from your computer and the Internet. This tiny player works with almost any existing audio system — hook it up to a receiver or powered speaker system in any room of your home. The CONNECT uses your existing Wi-Fi network to connect to the Internet.

    CONNECT:AMP gives you the additon of a 55 watt per channel amplifier, tone controls and subwoofer output. The SONOS CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP wirelessly plays your iTunes® music, direct from your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, to any room in your home.
    CONNECT $399 | CONNECT:AMP $499 - Both available in white.

    SONOS website

The ability to manage your entire library opens up new horizons for your enjoyment.
Digital media allows access, control and spectacular sound from where ever you are.

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited


MARANTZ's new NAS-11-S1 sets the bar for the reference level network audio player. Beyond reproach.

FROM $795 / $3,495


PIONEER N50 is an excellent product with LCD display. Loads of features and good performance, An outstanding buy.

FROM $499 / $699


    MARANTZ offers two excellent products in the player category.

    Their Reference level NAS-11-S1 is in a league of its own. Every review from around the world has given it a standing ovation. This player does it all and without compromise. The NA-11S1 has support for sampling frequencies and bit depths up to 192kHz/24-bit, can also handle 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD files over an asynchronous USB connection from a computer. Other features are a built-in Apple AirPlay as well as a Type-A USB input on the front panel for memory devices and iOS portables.

    Internet radio and streaming services such as Spotify and last.fm are supported via the Ethernet network connection, and the NA-11S1 can play MP3, Apple Lossless, WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC over a network.
    Available in champagne gold or black.

    The NA7004 is an exceptionally versatile digital player. It connects to your home network, interfacing with other connected components while putting you in touch with virtually everything on the web. It gives you easy ways to listen to the music you’ve already stored on an iPhone or other portable music player, and stream audio from a wide variety of sources.
    MARANTZ website


    PIONEER fields two models. The N-50 and N-30.

    N-50 has integrated AirPlay capability, so using it from an iPhone, iPad or iPod, makes for one easy to use solution, for everyone in the home. The Sound Retriever™ is PIONEER's proprietary software which takes compressed files and enhances them to "virtually CD quality" (their words). We believe the Sound Retriever™ does a good job at upconverting downsampled music. CD quality? No. High resolution sound? No. But let's be realistic, at the price, the feature set and the sound quality it delivers is outstanding. Again, a good quality DAC makes for great sound in a very well made component.

    N-30 is similar to the N-50. with the essential difference being lacking the Sound Retriever, single transformer, and no USB input. It features a LAN, SPIDF and TosLink inputs. The perfect digital source and player for those looking for a player for non-critical listening areas like an office or dining room.

    Both players feature:
    192kHz / 32-bit Asynchronous USB digital audio conversion (DAC)
    AirPlay® Compatible
    Network-capable for Internet Radio and DLNA support
    iPhone or Android Control Application
    2.5” Full-Color LCD Display

    PIONEER website


CAMBIDGE offers two players that serve two different masters. Both provide extensive control and playback features.

FROM $599 / $999


The BRYSTON BDP-2 has just surpassed our expectations as the replacement for the highly acclaimed and well loved BDP-1.

FROM $2,395


    BRYSTON is a brand that has become synonymous with impeccable build quality, superlative sound and a warranty that is head and shoulders above everyone in the industry. Add it all up and you've got an digital player that is regarded by many as - the amplifier of choice.

    BRYSTON makes one player: the BDP-2. Priced at $2,995
    The BDP-1 set a new standard of performance and the new BDP-2 has surpassed it!
    The BDP-2 offers outstanding performance and without question, this is on of our favorite players at that price point. Build quality, audio performance are all impeccable. The reviews from around the world are glowing.
    BRYSTON has an unequaled fully transferable 10-year parts & labor warranty on their digital products.
    BRYSTON website


    The CAMBRIDGE NP30 unites all types of computer-based music with outstanding quality. With the ability to playback 24-bit studio master quality files, the NP30 offers every digital music convenience feature, and delivers a better-than-CD experience.

    Whether you’re looking to manage your personal collection from the best system in the house, or enjoy the benefits of internet radio in the kitchen, the NP30 combines it all in one small box.
    Silver or Black

    The CAMBRIDGE Stream Magic 6
    Wherever your digital audio comes from, whatever format you store it in, the Stream Magic 6 network music player makes it sound stunning! The Stream Magic 6 doesn't just stream audio on to your hi-fi amp and speakers, but dramatically improves it as it does – bringing out the ultimate in detail, clarity and quality from your digital audio. Key to this is our unique ATF2 upsampling. Everything passing through the Stream Magic 6 is upsampled to highest-quality 24-bit 384 kHz with jitter and other digital audio issues eliminated.
    Silver or Black
    CAMBRIDGE website


The MOON MiND offers complete integration with it's own proprietary software that is attractive and intuitive. It will deliver the highest quality digital file, but needs a DAC.

From $1,250


The Ayre DX-5D SD A/V Engine serves as the central source component for your system.

From $10,000

  • MOON

    The concept of the MOON MiND is simple: the future of music playback lies in the intuitive organization of a library, allowing for instant access to large collections of music that are managed with incredible ease-of-use and efficiency.
    MiND allows you to organize your music by virtually any means: musical genre, artist, album, date, etc. The colorful and graphic visual interface makes use of the most popular devices on the market: Apple’s iPod/iPad/iPhone and Android-powered devices.
    Once your music is organized, you can play tracks, albums, or create playlists. MiND allows for the use of multiple zones in your home, expanding the enjoyment of this system to every room in your home.
    Silver or Black

    MOON website

  • AYRE

    AYRE makes what we consider to be the best source / player on the market today. The Ayre DX-5D SD A/V Engine serves as the central source component for your system. It plays back virtually all digital formats, both video and audio, and it also provides a connection to provide the full advantages of computer-based audio playback. Thanks to its advanced technological features, the DX-5DSD will extract the full measure of performance from all digital video and audio formats, maximizing your enjoyment, now and into the future.

    AYRE DX-5D: $10,000

    AYRE website