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AYRE is quite simply, one of the finest two channel solutions on the market today. They have a level of refinement in execution and performance that command the respect of everyone in the industry.

FROM $3,500 / $18,500


BRYSTON offers preamplifiers that are the standard of the recording industry. From recording studio's to recording artists home systems, it's a BRYSTON that's used in every stage of music reproduction.

FROM $2,450 / $6,085

  • AYRE

    AYRE is a brand that embodies what the term "high end audio" is all about. They manufacture some of the most highly acclaimed equipment in the world. AYRE makes audio equipment for those who are interested in owning one of the very best amplification solutions for musical reproduction available anywhere at any price. Two words come to mind for AYRE - World Class.

    AYRE fields three classes of products: the 7 / 5 and Reference series in preamplifiers.The 7 series is their entry level, and the 5 series being the series that is the heart and soul of what AYRE is. The Reference series is the best that AYRE can do without the budget constraints of the 7 or 5 series.

    AYRE offers two preamplifiers, the K-5xe and the Reference. Both are regarded as "Best in Class", by audio journalists around the world.
    The K-5xe has been an "A" rated component on Stereophile since it's introduction in 2005! The continual upgrades and refinements speak to AYRE's commitment to refinement and a platform that was already an well resolved design. The Reference series KX-R preamplifier chassis is milled from a 75-lb billet of aluminum to match Ayres’s MX-R monoblock amplifier. The KX-R is a zero-feedback, fully balanced design with four single-ended inputs and four balanced XLR inputs. The MX-R is regarded by some as the finest preamplifier in the world. We believe it is the finest preamplifier in the world.

    Based in Boulder CO., AYRE has been designing and building superior quality equipment since 1993. AYRE is highly respected and recognized as a world leader in the amplification category, and they have the awards to prove it. All of AYRE's product are designed, engineered and built by hand in Boulder, CO.

    AYRE KX-R: $18,500 in natural finish / $18,750 in anodized black
    AYRE CX5xe: $3,500 in natural finish / $3,750 in anodized black

    AYRE website


    BRYSTON is a brand that has become synonymous with impeccable build quality and superlative sound and a warranty that is head and shoulders above everyone in the industry. Add it all up and you've got an amplifier that is regarded by many as simply - the amplifier of choice. Period. You have reached the top of the ladder.

    BRYSTON's credentials extend far beyond home audio. Their beginnings were making amplifiers for professional recording studio's with unflappable reliability and requisite sound quality to go with it. BRYSTON amp lifers are used worldwide in many famous recording studio's: Paramount Mastering, Abby Road studios, AIR Mastering Studio, the Music plant, Sony Mastering, Chrysalis and Polygram Studios, LucasFilm and more. You've got to think that the musicians and recording engineers know what good sound is , after all, they're listening to it "live". BRYSTON is a brand you'll always be proud to own. Always.

    BRYSTON BP26: $4,690
    BRYSTON BP17: $3,550

    BRYSTON has an unequaled fully transferable 20-year parts & labor warranty.

    BRYSTON website

In some ways, a preamplifier can make more of a difference in your system's sound than a power amplifier. The clarity, tonal accuracy, and especially the soundstaging is revealed and shaped by a quality preamplifier.

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited


MOON has earned more than its share of awards from around the world - and does it in every price category. Impeccable performance, from the modestly priced to the ultra high end.

FROM $3,650 / $28,000

Cambridge audio

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO has from it's beginning - manufactured products that deliver far beyond their price point. No wonder they are regarded so highly by the Audiophile Press -they deliver!

FROM $1,800

  • MOON

    Who is MOON? It's simple - they are one of the most highly reviewed amplifier brands in the world. MOON is a company that in 2012 fielded 8 out of 10 products in the Absolute Sound magazine's TOP TEN LIST.Yes, 8 out of 10. What an incredible accomplishment. How did they do it? Well, like any other "overnight success story", they weren't! MOON has been building terrific sounding amplifiers year after year and their company has finally garnered the awards and praise they have deserved after decades of work. They field a terrific lineup of amplifiers, preamplifier and CD players and DAC's.

    Those of us in the industry have known of MOON for over twenty years, and like BRYSTON, MOON is a Canadian amplifier manufacturer who makes superlative products.

    MOON fields three preamplifiers, the P-850 Reference, the P740 and P350.

    MOON has been silently building a passionate following in the audio industry and growing their product line-up. What was once a small start-up with a bare-bones product line, is now an accomplished company with a solid lineup of products from modestly priced to the ultra high-end.
    MOON. A new company, that isn't.

    MOON website


    CAMBRIDGE AUDIO offers just one stereo preamplifier. This preamplifier reflects Cambridge Audio's design philosophy: a fresh approach from the chassis up. None of this - grab some different parts from the same parts bin and use the same tired schematics from the years before. The 851E is a completely new design, offering the new terrapin impedance buffering modules and a solid state volume control. Their efforts add up to a preamplifier with the purest audio reproduction, delivering only a mention of a whisper of total harmonic distortion, at just 0.00057%.

    Finally, tone controls on a high quality preamplifier! We all want top drawer performance, but some recordings demand tone control adjustment. The controls are able to deliver a maximum 10db of boost or cut at 10Hz in the bass, and +/-7.5dB at 20kHz on the treble. If you want to bypass the tone controls, there is a ‘direct’ button to achieve the cleanest possible signal path.

    The 851E has a wider range of input options than its predecessors, with eight inputs including three which are switchable between unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR – the latter ideal for connecting to a broad range of high-end sources. Plus flexible and configurable trigger, IR outputs and control bus make it easy to connect to modern power amps.

    The 851E offers a fresh take on a stereo preamplifier and delivers it - from the chassis up.