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ANTHEM MRX Series have taken a different route and have focused on delivering superb sound with a minimal feature set.

FROM $1,199 / $1,999


PIONEER ELITE with the new D Class amplifiers and design input from AIR Studios in the UK, has delivered a receiver with few equals.

FROM $500 / $3,000

  • ANTHEM MRX Series

    ANTHEM makes one of the most expensive and highly regarded preamp / processor’s in the world, and yet has introduced a reasonably priced receiver line that competes in a way that was unexpected.

    ANTHEM took a refreshingly new direction in receiver design: fewer features, higher quality. ANTHEM approached the receiver strategy with a sharp focus: provide superior room correction software with excellent processing and amplification. That’s it. The result is a line of receivers that give up little, and rewards the owner with stellar performance in ways that really matter.

    At Genesis Audio Limited, we are very pleased with the Anthem MRX Series, besides the fact that it offers incredible performance at a more than reasonable price, we appreciate the fact that ANTHEM stuck to what they do well: best-in-class processing and amplification. In a world obsessed with the “dollar per feature ratio”, it takes courage to stick to your forte’. And ANTHEM's focus is industry leading room correction software and high quality processing and amplification. The ANTHEM MRX Series is exceptional!

    MRX-310: 5 channels, 80 watts per channel of continuous power, 7 HDMI inputs, 3D & 4K ready
    MRX-510: 7 channels, 100 watts per channel of continuous power, front two channels - Bi-Amp capability, 8 HDMI inputs, 3D & 4K ready
    MRX-710: 7 channels, 120 watts per channel of continuous power, front two channels - Bi-Amp capability, 8 HDMI inputs, 3D & 4K ready

    ANTHEM website

  • PIONEER SC Series

    PIONEER Elite receivers are far, far better than you would imagine. Our own Loren Wool put it this way.. "Okay, I traded in my very nice home theater separates for a PIONEER Elite receiver. Why? Because it’s better. And not just a little. The difference is substantial. And yes, really, a receiver!" To read more about Loren's thoughts on the PIONEER Elite flagship, click here. Even though Loren's review is on the older model, it uses the same D3 amplification and MCAC technology, as this years models.

    Times have changed and PIONEER Elite has upped the game with their line of receivers with those featuring their D3 digital amplification and MCAC, or in-room software correction.

    At Genesis Audio Limited, we think the PIONEER Elite line up offers a rare and powerful combination of amplification finesse, exceptional in-room correction software and feature sets. All together, this makes for a well-rounded receiver that offers tremendous value.

    PIONEER website

We feature, what is easily the best line-up of receivers in the Midwest:
Each brings a desirable feature set and performance aspect.

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited


MARANTZ has a storied reputation for building high quality, well engineered receivers. Their new line-up proves just that.

FROM $899 / $1,999


SONY ES has revitalized their receivers with the inclusion of the CONTROL4 control system. You now have an integrated control solution at your fingertips.

FROM $699 / $2,099

  • MARANTZ SR Series

    The MARANTZ SR line features a great combination of amplification and processing, but what MARANTZ offers that is unique to the other brands, is APPLE control. MARANTZ has engineered their receivers for those of you who use Apple products in your daily life - to connect to them - easily. The result is that the receiver becomes an extension of your Apple library and offers another way to control and access your stored and online media.

    Apple's easy-to-use AirPlay technology lets you access your favorite music wirelessly from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. You'll be able to control iTunes and see music information — including album art, track titles, and artist info on your compatible Apple device, or on your TV. Of course you can connect your iPod easily to the front-panel USB port's direct digital connection. You'll appreciate the vastly improved sound of your music from the receiver's superior audio circuitry versus the modest capabilities of the iPod. AirPlay does require a wireless home network and a wired connection between the receiver and network. Once setup you'll find you're able to leverage all your media in ways that you couldn't before and do it - easily.

    MARANTZ website

  • SONY DA Series

    SONY ES DA Series offers something different and very desirable. Control.
    SONY partnered with CONTROL4 and together offer a single chassis control solution for your entertainment room. The advantage is considerable. CONTROL4 offers a truly intuitive interface for all your control needs, that includes all the receiver functions, DVD or CD controls, room lighting and the functionality makes it a breeze to navigate through all your stored online channels and media. Control of your home theater system shouldn't be a headache caused by the pile of remote controls on the coffee table.

    The built-in CONTROL4 solution makes watching a DVD or listening to the football game out on the 2nd zone patio - a pitch and catch. It's simple. You can literally control everything from one remote, with the full-screen menu graphics on your large television screen, not on the tiny remote, which makes it easy for everyone in the family to join in on the fun. Yes, the SONY DA Series is all about control. CONTROL4.

    SONY ES DA website

  • INTEGRA DTR Series

    INTEGRA has been in our store since the beginning, 17 years ago. Why? Because they make a quality receiver that offers a ton of features, sounds very good, and proven to be very reliable in some of our most demanding installations. INTEGRA is ONKYO's statement for their high-end electronics line, similar to LEXUS being Toyota's best automotive effort. INTEGRA does a sterling job of providing the consumer with a receiver that is ahead of the curve with technology and connectivity. The new .5 Series highlights this aspect with an impressive lineup of supported media, especially streaming audio.

    INTEGRA website

  • DENON AVR Series

    Denon has been a mainstay at Genesis Audio Limited, since we opened 17 years ago. And similarly to INTEGRA, we have strong, positive feelings toward DENON. For almost two decades we have enjoyed a great relationship. What often gets lost in the retail business, is that as a customer, you are not just buying a receiver, you are buying a relationship with the manufacturer.

    DENON has, year after year, proven that they stand behind their products with excellent service and follow up. It's an imperfect world, and even good products need service occasionally. Products are only as good as the people behind those products. That fact often gets lost in a product driven market. Many companies talk customer service, but when things get tight, some companies have nothing but excuses why they can't provide a solution. At DENON, their products are always reviewed as category leaders, and they are! Their products are excellent and so are the people. And that is just a few of the many reasons we have been a DENON dealer for 21 years and why you should consider being a DENON customer.

    DENON website