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Genesis Audio Limited / directors cut room

In our showroom, the "DirectorsCut Cinema" room we specified STEWART CineCurve. You owe it to yourself to see what the world's best screen looks like.

FROM 8,499


STEWART is in our opinion, the reference for screens. Yes, they are more expensive, but the performance return is well worth it. If you want the best picture possible - STEWART.

FROM $1,799


    Screens are often overlooked as an accessory, and not on the same level of importance as the projector. That's unfortunate. Over the thirty years we've been in the business, we have become an advocate of selecting the screen first, then selecting the projector. The screen size, dimensions, reflectivity ratio are all dependant to your room and where you plan to sit. It is for these environmental and situational reasons, that the screen should always be chosen with great care and thought.

    Recognize that the image you see, is the screen's reflection of the projector. In-room screen performance, not just the quality of the screen, is critical. The better the selection of the screen's in-room performance and appropriate attributes, the better the quality of reflected image. The right screen can make all the difference in your system.

    Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members about determining which screen is appropriate for your application. We can help you select the best screen for your room; steer you from over-buying your screen, yet achieve the best in-room performance possible. We offer you, no cost, in-home consultation where we can understand your room and what would be the best screen for the application.


    We believe that STEWART offers the best of the best in home theater screens. In fact, filmmakers have long relied on STEWART screens in the making of their films—in special effects creation as well as in the editing and production processes. Studio screening rooms and film production houses around the globe trust STEWART screen quality to such an extent that it is the industry reference for color balance, details, and textures.

    STEWART has won every major accolade for screens in the screen industry and are universally accepted as the industry reference. They are a company with exceptional customer support. If there is a problem, they will solve it. In age of indifferent customer support, STEWART FILM genuinely cares. We are proud to be a STEWART screen dealer.



    The CIMA line offers pre-made screens to specific sizes and configurations. It's made to the same standards as the Stewart Screens but it is not customizable. Pricing is at a more affordable price, since the screens are manufactured in batches and inventoried. They can lower the price with the larger production run, and still maintain the Stewart quality.

    STEWART FILM - CIMA website

It's easy to get excited about a great projector, but after all, all you really see is the projector's reflection. The quality of that reflection - is all screen. So come in and let us show you the in's and out's of screen selection. John Senters, President, Genesis Audio Limited

screen innovations

SCREEN INNOVATIONS changed the film industry with innovative new products aimed at the reality - not everyone has the best lighting conditions possible. Enter the sensible product...

FROM $1,599


If you're looking for one of the best performers that should never be overlooked, DA-LITE offers tremendous screen performance for the dollar. Truly, a great American company.

FROM $1,299


    SCREEN INNOVATIONS has focused on not on trying to make the best screen in a perfect room. They make the best screen for an imperfect room. If you you have a room with windows, or indirect lighting, or you like to have the lights up when are watching the game, SCREEN INNOVATIONS makes a screen that will capture the picture with strong and dynamic image. You can have a picture that pops without the typical light washout and light rejection.



    One of the oldest manufacturers in the industry, headquartered out of Warsaw, IN, DaLite offers superb performance for affordable pricing. They field a complete line of solutions, hidden screens, masking screens, perforated screens, standard wall mount or motorized screens, and all at a more affordable price point. The new DA-LITE Affinity Screen developed in conjunction with Joe Kane Productions offer superb performance and offer tremendous value. DaLite makes a high quality product at great pricing. Highly recommended.

    DA-LITE SCREEN website