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REVEL offers a line-up from the moderately priced to the ultra high-end. Overall a speaker line that will reveal all the music in all its glory.

FROM $1,500 / $21,998


PARADIGM is a company with an extensive offering that is perhaps unmatched in scope and depth by any other speaker company in the world.

FROM $299 / $9,998


    REVEL speakers have established themselves as a world-class reference speakers since their beginning with the world shattering REVEL Ultima Salon. For more than a decade, REVEL has redefined what can be accomplished when unrivaled manufacturing resources are harnessed by talented engineers and industrial designers.

    PERFORMA3 Series
    : A complete lineup of speakers from floor standing, bookshelf to centers, subwoofer's, surrounds and in-walls. The all new PERFORMA3 Series offers incredible sound quality with a level of refinement and musicality, not usually experienced at this this price point. Highly Recommended.
    From $1,695 - $7,495 pair.

    ULTIMA Series: Regarded by many as a "Reference" by which other speakers are judged. They possess impeccable manners and build quality. When you're ready for world-class product in all respects: build level, sound quality and reputation - ULTIMA by REVEL has few peers. Arguably as good as it gets - just not for the faint of heart.
    REVEL website


    PARADIGM speakers are a modern day success story. They started with a small speaker line in the mid-eighties and with hard work and a commitment to produce the best sounding speakers in their price-class, PARADIGM has become synonymous with high performance and incredible bang for the buck. Their company has grown, but they have continually re-invested in their R&D and manufacturing facilities, which are regarded as some of the best in the world.

    PARADIGM offers an extensive line of speakers, from modestly priced in-walls, to the value oriented MONITOR series, the performance oriented PREMIER series, and the acclaimed PRESTIGE series and the top of the line PERSONA series.

    PARADIGM is one of those rare companies that produces an extensive product line, and through excellent business practice and an unwavering commitment to being the leader in R&D, has consistently, year-after-year, produced products that are extremely competitive in each of their respective categories.

    continually redefines what can be achieved in each of their product lines and with the Millenia and A2 series, has now established new product categories. They do it all - and they do it all - exceptionally well.
    We are very proud to be associated with PARADIGM.
    PARADIGM website

    Genesis Audio Limited, awarded "Dealer of the Year" by PARADIGM speaker Company.
    For more details, about the "Dealer of the Year" award criteria and PARADIGM, click here.

Speakers have evolved to an amazing degree. The new era of speakers will smoke the doors off the same models from a decade ago. Be prepared to be dazzled for a ton less than you thought.

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited

JBL Synthesis

JBL Synthesis speakers are recognized world wide and used in thousands of the world’s most notable performing arts venues, recording studios and THX-certified movie theatres.

FROM $300 / $70,000


MARTIN LOGAN has established itself as the electrostatic speaker manufacturer and can deliver more musical enjoyment from your music collection than you have ever experienced.

FROM $400 / $24,495

  • JBL Synthesis

    JBL is one of the companies that ignited the Hi-Fi industry. Their speakers have become legendary, and the JBL L100 - iconic, being featured prominently in the famous Maxell advertising campaign. The L100 became the bestselling loudspeaker in JBL history.

    Today, they have evolved into both a home stereo and home theater reference speaker manufacturer. Their speakers are used in music recording studios and film mastering facilities all around the world. JBL Synthesis offers speakers that deliver a performance envelope with detail and dynamics that few others rival. JBL Synthesis are speakers that have stood the test of time, and for good reason - they offer exceptional performance.
    JBL Synthesis website


    MARTIN LOGAN started in the late seventies and has established itself again and again as the premier electrostatic speaker manufacturer in the world. Their new line of products establish a level of performance in ways that make the electrostatic a more mature and refined product, and now without the demands and liabilities of its predecessors.

    MARTIN LOGAN has been hard at work, and their new speakers are smaller, deliver a wider listening area and are very easy to power. All of these advancements add up to a speaker that delivers a rare window of true high-end sound for a reasonable price.

    The new MARTIN LOGAN ETHOS clearly sets the standard for the new MARTIN LOGAN line and establishes the electrostatic speaker, as a speaker compatible with moderately powered amplifiers and delivers a wider sweet spot. Highly recommended. Come in and give them a listen.
    MARTIN LOGAN website


FOCAL is regarded by many as one of the premier speaker manufacturers in the world. FOCAL fields speakers from the modest to their $85,000 Grand Utopia EM. The new ARIA 900 Series exemplify the magic that is FOCAL.

From $499 / $84,999


SONANCE offers a line of architectural speakers that defy logic: they can disappear. SONANCE offers loudspeaker solutions to challenging installation situations, and looks great doing it.

From $200 / $3,978


    For over 30 years, FOCAL has designed, developed and manufactured high fidelity loudspeakers and drivers. Focal allies passion, tradition and technological perfection, bringing exceptional loudspeakers for the most demanding listener. Designed, engineered and manufactured in France, FOCAL has long been regarded as a manufacturer of exceptional products.

    We have been an authorized FOCAL dealer for over a decade and firmly believe in their product. The new ARIA line of loudspeakers solidify our belief in the brand. They perform exceptionally well, far above their price-point. The ARIA reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, winning several Editors Choice Awards from magazines around the globe. We feature the entire line of FOCAL, and encourage you to audition their speakers.

    FOCAL website


    Sonance began in 1983 when two young men in California recognized the need for an audio solution that could deliver unsurpassed performance combined with minimal visual intrusion. It was this revelation that led them to invent the world’s first architectural speaker. The rest is history. In the 30 years that followed, Sonance has continued to invent, lead, and reinvent with a range of state-of-the-art products that deliver the perfect balance of performance and design.

    With distribution in over 100 countries around the world, the SONANCE brand offers innovative and unique solutions that harmoniously blend technology and aesthetics - a philosophy that is favored by architects, interior designers, custom installers, home, and business owners throughout the world.

    From the “Degrees of Invisibility” of its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, to the cutting-edge outdoor audio systems, commercial solutions and electronics, Sonance is committed to building products that deliver best-in-class performance and aesthetics combined with the most versatile and flexible installation processes available.

    SONANCE offers speakers that blend and literally disappear into the home. There are many architectural installations that challenge even the most demanding home owner and seasoned installer. SONANCE offers the home and business owner - options. Their line of speakers allow for the most discrete installation, yet rewards the listener with rich, detailed sound quality. Yes, it is possible to have it all. SONANCE.

    SONANCE website

TRIAD speakers can reveal the most subtle nuances in music, handle insane amounts of power, deliver ridiculous volume levels - while remaining - completely invisible.

John Senters, President, Genesis Audio Ltd.


TRIAD is the best kept secret in high quality speaker manufacturers. Where they excel is in their in-wall home theater speaker solutions. We believe they have few, if any rivals for a top-flight in-wall.

FROM $600 / $28,000


SPEAKERCRAFT makes one of the most extensive in-wall or in-ceiling product lines in the world. They deliver sound quality, reliability and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

From $200 / $1,878


    TRIAD is a small specialty manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. Over the last two decades they have focused on building the best the world can offer in high performance in-wall speaker design.

    Their products are exceptionally well engineered and well made, and the fit and finish is beyond criticism. Quality like this doesn't come cheap, but when you look at the level of build quality and then experience the sound quality, you'll quickly become a believer in a small company from Portland, called TRIAD.
    TRIAD website


    From its beginnings over thirty years ago as a small retail storefront the company began producing loudspeakers for motor homes. This led to SPEAKERCRAFT creating the first in-wall speaker and in doing so igniting an industry. As they left their retail roots behind, the company became an OEM manufacturer for some of the largest names in the audio business.

    SPEAKERCRAFT designs and builds speaker for all price points and applications, inside or outside. We think they build a great product. What defines great? SPEAKERCRAFT at their price point, delivers a product that delivers great sound, excellent durability and reliability, and with a life-time warranty, they have product support that is unmatched.

    SPEAKERCRAFT is well-loved at Genesis Audio Limited, because they deliver those things all of us relate to - performance, build quality and price!

    SPEAKERCRAFT offers one of the best bang for the bucks in an in-wall or in-ceiling you can find. And believe me, we have looked. We are always looking for better products at better pricing, but in the in-wall or in-ceiling category, SPEAKERCRAFT has consistently delivered a great product.

    SPEAKERCRAFT has been a staple at Genesis Audio Limited for over 15 years. A great brand with great people that make great products.

    SPEAKERCRAFT website