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    Subwoofers have made significant advances in the last decade. This isn't marketing hyperbole. This is reality. Subwoofer performance and price have always been contingent on three major attributes: 1. Quantity of bass, the volume of air it will move. 2. Quality of bass - the accuracy of the bass, 3. Size of the cabinet - the physical dimensions. Large subwoofers weren't always the easiest item to locate in the listening room, especially with a cabinet the size of a Saint Bernard's kennel now parked in the middle of the room! Of course in those days, if you wanted big bass - you needed a big kennel for the big woofer!

    Enter the modern subwoofer. Obtaining higher output with lower distortion in a smaller cabinet has always been the end-goal of subwoofer engineers for decades. The subwoofer revolution is here and it's due to four significant advances:
    1. Increased performance of Class D amplifiers
    2. Smaller diameter, longer throw woofers
    3. The high efficiency / high wattage of Class D amplifiers allowed for small, low efficiency sealed enclosures.
    4. The development of on-board in-room equalization software with USB interface.

    Taken together, you have a subwoofer that plays louder, cleaner, is vastly smaller and and delivers superior in-room bass performance. JL AUDIO, PARADIGM, MARTIN LOGAN and REVEL all exemplify the best in modern subwoofer design and engineering. The inclusion of ARO software from JL Audio, PBK software from PARADIGM, MARTIN LOGAN and LFO software from REVEL, offer real in-room performance advantages.

    The modern era of subwoofers have arrived and they're delivering exceptional performance, accuracy and in a small enclosure. While we still like big bass, today we can put the big dog's kennel - outside. The modern subwoofer is superior in every performance parameter to the subwoofers of a decade ago.

    We offer subwoofers from $295 to $12,000. Yes, that is a very tall ladder, but that also means we can certainly find a rung that's the just right step up for you. Give us a call and let's see if we can find just the right subwoofer for your room size, budget and system.


JL AUDIO manufactures some of the most well made subwoofer componentry we've ever seen. In total, JL AUDIO makes one of the finest subwoofers on the planet.

FROM $1,500 / $12,000


PARADIGM manufactures all their drivers and components in their factory. The result is a subwoofer built with impeccable construction and fit and finish. All of the impressive engineering adds up to a subwoofer with few equals.

FROM $299 / $9,999


    JL AUDIO is an American manufacturer of consumer audio products. They produce marine, home, and mobile audio products, but are best known for their subwoofers. JL AUDIO is known as one of the pioneers of the automotive audio industry where their commitment to manufacturing excellence earned them awards at car audio meets around the world. That same passion to technical excellence has JL AUDIO recognized as offering one of the best residential subwoofer lines available anywhere, at any price. At their respective price points, they are class leaders. Read the reviews, and you'll discover, they define the subwoofer category.

    Their award-winning lineup of powered subwoofer systems begins with proprietary subwoofer drivers and amplifier designs, precisely optimized for their intended physical envelopes and design goals. Since they manufacture all their components in-house, they are not limited to off the shelf drivers and sub-assemblies. Instead, each subwoofer is designed from scratch with the driver and sub-components specifically engineered and precision-built for each model in their Miramar, Florida factory.

    A highly experienced engineering team has continually improved the performance of their products in each generation. Many of their breakthroughs have earned U.S. and international patents and give JL Audio subwoofers unique capabilities that cannot be matched by other products. If you examine the incredible build level of the JL AUDIO subwoofers and experience their performance, you will recognize that they are in a class by themselves.

    JL AUDIO offers four levels of performance:
    Gotham Series - Reference level with a price to match.
    G213 - Dual 13.5" woofers, 3,800 watts
    Fathom Series - The subwoofer series that put them on the map.
    F110 - 10" woofer, 900 watts
    F112 - 12" woofer, 1,500 watts
    F113 - 13.5" woofer, 2,500 watts
    F212 - Dual 12" woofers, Gotham Series
    E-Series - Offers terrific performance and great value.
    E-110 - 10" woofer
    E-112 - 12" woofer
    Fathom In-Wall Series - delivers mind boggling performance in an in-wall.
    IWS-SYS-1 13.5" woofer, 1,000 watts in a shallow cabinet.
    IWS-SYS-2 dual cabinets each with a 13.5" woofers sharing a 2,000 watt amplifier.

    JL AUDIO website


    PARADIGM speakers are a modern day success story. They started with a small speaker line in the mid-eighties and with hard work and a commitment to produce the best sounding speakers in their price-class, PARADIGM has become synonymous with high performance and incredible bang for the buck. Their company has grown, but they have continually re-invested in their R&D and manufacturing facilities, which are acknowledged by everyone in the industry as one of the most comprehensive R&D speaker design facilities in the world.

    PARADIGM has always offered high performing subwoofers at a very attractive price. They have really stepped up the game with the inclusion of ultra high-power Class D amplification, which allows for the use of less efficient, non-ported, but much smaller enclosures, and their own proprietary room equalization software, or Perfect Bass Kit. The combination of all these three advances has created a product that is significantly smaller, players louder and cleaner, and integrates acoustically into your room. Paradigm has set a standard of excellence in the subwoofer category. They play louder, deeper and cleaner and can be set up as wireless.
    For more details, on the PARADIGM Monitor series, read our review.

    PARADIGM offers an extensive line of subwoofers, offering four levels of performance, from in-walls, to the value oriented MONITOR series, the acclaimed REFERENCE series and the top of the line SIGNATURE series.

    The Signature Collection reflects their directive to create the best subwoofer in the world.
    SUB2 - six 10" woofers, 4,500 watts
    SUB1 - six 8" woofers, 1,700 watts

    The Reference Collection delivers reference level sound and exceptional value.
    SUB 15 - 15" woofer, 1,700 watts
    SUB 12 - 12" woofer, 1,700 watts
    Seismic 110 - 10" woofer, 850 watts
    MilleniaSub - Dual oval woofers, 300 watts
    Paradigm features even more subwoofers on their website. We have shown the models that we have on display.

    PARADIGM website

"There are few other categories that have seen so much improvement in performance than subwoofers. The new generation of ultra high-power class D amplifiers and long throw drivers deliver unprecedented performance. Add the new on-board room equalization software and you've got a product that is an order of magnitude better than its predecessors."

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited


TRIAD is the best kept secret in high quality speaker manufacturers. Where they excel is in their in-wall home theater speaker solutions. We believe they have few, if any rivals for a topflight in-wall.

FROM $550 / $2,550


MARTIN LOGAN's new line of subwoofers, BALANCED FORCE, leverages the PBK software from parent company PARADIGM and with the "boxer" driver technology, sets new levels of in-room bass performance.

FROM $495 / $3,995


    TRIAD is a small specialty manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon. Over the last two decades they have focused on building the best the world can offer in high performance in-wall speaker design. Their products are exceptionally well engineered and well made, and the fit and finish is beyond criticism.

    Triad has established itself as a leader in high performance built-in speakers. They offer an incredible line up of speakers that are specifically engineered and constructed to be mounted in the walls and ceilings. If you are after a home audio or home theater solution where the speakers are invisible, definitely consider TRIAD.

    Quality like this doesn't come cheap, but when you look at the level of build quality and then experience the sound quality, you'll quickly become a believer in a small company from Portland, called TRIAD.

    TRIAD website


    MARTIN LOGAN started in the late seventies and has established itself again and again as the premier electrostatic speaker manufacturer in the world. Their new line of speakers, subwoofers and soundbars establish a level of performance in ways that make them a more diverse brand, yet still true to their roots. MARTIN LOGAN products are held to the highest level of performance and manufacture.

    The new line of MARTIN LOGAN subwoofers reflected the ML design team goal to build subwoofers that, when combined with ultra-fast electrostatics or conventional cone speakers, would blend seamlessly to the very bottom of the frequency extreme. BalancedForce subwoofers are the full realization of years of engineering by the Martin Logan team combined with the latest innovations in advanced digital signal processing, amplification, electrical system designs, and room correction.

    MARTIN LOGAN offers three levels of performance in subwoofers: BALANCED FORCE Series are their reference level subwoofers. Reserve ESL Series offer servo control and are engineered to match exceptionally well with the ML electrostatic speakers or other exceptionally fast and transparent speaker. Dynamo Legacy Series offer wireless capabilities and PBK room correction at a very affordable price.

    Model 212 - two 12-inch high-excursion woofers, two 850 watt amplifiers
    Model 210 - two 10-inch high-excursion woofers, one 850 watt amplifier

    Dynamo Legacy Series
    1500X - 15" woofer, 650 watts, PBK
    1000W - 12" woofer, 500 watts, IME, Wireless
    700W - 10" woofer, 300 watts, Wireless
    500W - 10" woofer, 150 watts, Wireless

    MARTIN LOGAN website

"TRIAD subwoofers can be concealed by mounting them in the walls with stud depth cabinets and yet delivers bass performance that rivals conventional free-standing designs.
You don't have to take a back seat in bass performance with an in-wall subwoofer solution from TRIAD."

Don Schmitt, Store Manager, Genesis Audio Limited


REVEL features industry leading, in-house R&D and driver manufacturing coupled with state-of-the-art software and rich high-gloss real wood finishes make for an impressive line of subwoofers.

From $2,200 / $10,000


SPEAKERCRAFT has one of the most extensive in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofer lines in the world. They deliver sound quality, reliability and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

From $200 / $2,300


    REVEL has established themselves as a world-class reference subwoofer manufacturer since their launch of their category defining, the REVEL Ultima SUB-15/LE-1 subwoofer. For more than a decade, REVEL has redefined what can be accomplished when unrivaled manufacturing resources are harnessed by talented engineers and industrial designers.

    PERFORMA3 Series
    : A pair of subwoofers complement their floor standing, bookshelf speakers. The all new PERFORMA3 series offers incredible sound quality with a level of detail coupled with a refinement and musicality, not usually experienced at this this price point.
    B112 - 12-inch woofer, built-in 1000-watt amplifier
    B110 - 10-inch woofer, built-in 1,000-watt amplifier

    ULTIMA Series: Regarded by many as a "Reference" by which other speakers are judged. with impeccable manners and build quality. ULTIMA Rhythm2 subwoofer contains a pair of 2000W class-D amplifiers, an 18" driver with a 4” voice-coil; over 114dB maximum acoustic output; high-resolution DSP room equalization; fully configurable electronic crossover; and PC or Mac setup via USB. The DSP-driven room equalization generates adjustments from one set of room measurements, correcting for as many as 10 modes in the frequency range of 20–400Hz.

    When you're ready for world-class product in all respects: build level, sound quality and engineering and reputation - ULTIMA by REVEL has few peers. Arguably as good as it gets - just not for the faint of heart.
    REVEL SUB Rhythm - $10,000 / 18" woofer, 2 x 2,000 watt amplifiers

    REVEL website


    From its humble beginnings over thirty years ago as a small retail storefront, the company began by producing loudspeakers for motor homes. This led to SPEAKERCRAFT creating the first in-wall speaker and in doing so igniting an industry. As they left their retail roots behind, the company became an OEM manufacturer for some of the largest names in the audio business.

    SPEAKERCRAFT designs and builds speaker for all price points and applications, inside or outside. We think they build a great product. What defines great? SPEAKERCRAFT at their price point, delivers a product that delivers great sound, excellent durability and reliability, and with a life-time warranty, their product support is unmatched.

    SPEAKERCRAFT builds a complete line of modestly priced, high value, in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers. These types of subwoofers can be most effective when used in large theaters or in expansive living and entertaining areas by distributing the bass evenly throughout the area where large free-standing designs are not practical or desirable. In-ceiling designs allow ease of placement and can ensure precise positioning of bass reinforcement exactly where you need it.

    SPEAKERCRAFT also makes a "hidden" or "stealth" subwoofer where there is no grill or fascia for the subwoofer in or on your wall. Nothing. The subwoofer works by coupling directly against the drywall and using the drywall as the driver. People are amazed at the bass performance and the visual advantages. Couple the SPEAKERCRAFT hidden subwoofer with their hidden speakers and you've got the ultimate in a stealth installation.
    Hidden In-wall 10" - $1,200
    Cabinet for Hidden In-wall - $425

    SPEAKERCRAFT is well-loved at Genesis Audio Limited, because they deliver those things - all of us relate to - performance, build quality and price! Come on in and see why.

    SPEAKERCRAFT website