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SONY's new 4K has everyone playing catch up! The pixel density and high quality back lighting makes for a picture that has yet to equaled by any other set. Yes, it's pricey - Yes, it's absolutely jaw dropping!

FROM $495 / $24,999


SHARP offers tremendous picture quality on a grand scale at reasonable pricing. See what Quattro can do for your home theater. An 80" flat panel is truly impressive.

FROM $500 / $23,800

  • SONY

    Since 1998, we have been an authorized SONY retailer. Not only has SONY established itself as a worldwide manufacturer of quality products of all types, SONY has re-focused its efforts to remain a reference in video displays and projectors. We believe that the SONY televisions represent what is possible when a world-class company sets its sights on manufacturing the best product in its price-class. The new 4K SONY televisions, once again, place SONY in that rare position of being called world's best.

    SONY has four divisions of televisions with varying performance and feature sets:
    XBR - The Best of the Best, (and yes it is!)
    W - A well executed performance LED
    EX - The perfect Smart TV, perfect for streaming content
    R - Ideal for casual viewing

    Pricing for SONY televisions is fluid - and pricing becomes a moving target.

    Genesis Audio Limited is always competitive on flat panel televisions.
    Please call us - (614) 939-0802 or email us for the best price.

    We are an authorized SONY dealer and we will make every effort to get you the latest price and offer the best in product selection, installation and support.

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    SHARP features the exclusive Quattron™ color technology that delivers a billion more colors, so you get a more powerful picture with brighter yellows, deeper blues, and richer gold's. By adding 2 million yellow subpixels, Quattron creates a more realistic picture with greater detail and brightness – a feat that standard TV simply can't achieve. The advanced AQUOS® UV2A Display uses a unique, precision pixel structure to deliver dynamic HD images. With technology that's created to let more light through in bright scenes and fight light leakage in dark scenes, the AQUOS UV2A Display with a 10 million: 1 contrast ratio creates pulse-racing picture every time.

    SHARP features three levels of performance and feature sets:
    The 8 Series is an ultra-premium LED Smart TV that features Sharp’s proprietary Super Bright™ and Quattron™ color technology, 240Hz refresh rate and AquoMotion 960.
    The 8 Series is an ultra-premium LED Smart TV that features Sharp’s proprietary Super Bright™ and Quattron™ color technology, 12 million: 1 contrast ratio, 240Hz refresh rate and AquoMotion 960.

    The 7 Series is an LED Smart TV that features Sharp’s proprietary Quattron™ color technology for a 10 million: 1 contrast ratio, 1 billion more colors, so images explode with vibrant detail and brighter yellows, deeper blues, and richer gold's.

    The 6 Series is an LED Smart TV that delivers legendary AQUOS® picture quality with a contrast ratio of 4 million: 1, unlimited content choices, seamless control, and instant connectivity through SmartCentral™.

    SHARP website


SAMSUNG 8500 plasma series shows that SAMSUNG still believes in the validity of the plasma panel as the platform for the best in video performance. The 8500 series delivers it.

FROM $495 / $26,495


LG offers a terrific lineup of LCD, Edge-Lit LED's, and plasma panels. The edge-lit LED's and plasma's in particular, offer great performance for the dollar.

FROM $299 / $27,999


    SAMSUNG makes a complete line of LED, Plasma and LCD sets. We believe the Samsung PNF8500 series offers outstanding performance with excellent bright levels and a black level that sets a new standard of performance in its price category.
    PNF8500 Series is their top performance flat panel that clearly delivers with incredible 2D performance and features their Super Contrast panel. Highly recommended.
    SAMSUNG has multiple levels of performance in the plasma series but we are very impressed with the 8500 Series - Simply SAMSUNG's best performance television.

    SAMSUNG website

  • LG

    LG makes a quality set and their plasma and LED sets offer very good performance and value. Brilliant colors and exceptional clarity are highlights of the LG TV experience. Whether you’re immersed in the excitement of a 3D movie, watching TV on demand, or in the heat of gaming action, LG’s amazing picture quality with Full HD 1080p resolution makes all the difference. Here’s innovation that you can see and share, featuring the most advanced LED and Plasma technology, the fast-action clarity of TruMotion, Picture Wizard’s automatic calibration and the impact of THX® 3D Display.

    LG offers LCD, edge-lit LED and plasma panel designs. All are quality products with excellent performance and value.

    LG website