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All of your favorite music, accessible where ever you are!

Distributed Audio is one centralized system that makes sense for everyone.

Distributed Audio allows different rooms of the house to access the same centralized audio source. Whether the music source is a CD, iPod, satellite radio, AM/FM radio or a music server, all of these devices can be accessed from any room that is part of the system and played in that room, multiple rooms or areas that you wish.

More access, more control... more - yet less!

Keypads are located in each room so that each family member is able to listen to different music choices at various volume levels, without disturbing the preferences of the other members of the household. The FM radio can be playing on the patio while the iPod is playing on the kitchen, while Pandora is playing in the Master bedroom, etc. All simultaneously, all without interfering with each other. And everyone enjoying the simplicity of having one master system. All the clutter of the electronics is removed from all the rooms, and replaced with clean and uncluttered - keypads or a computer tablet or iPad. All your music files and saved stations are all in one place.

"Everything in one centralized location with all your music collections and stations.
One Master Collection. With your name on it and always ready when you are.
This is distributed audio."

Kurt Jones, Sales Consultant, Genesis Audio Limited

Getting the most for the least

So no matter where you are in the house, you have access to your Master Collection. Imagine being able to have your music playing throughout the desired rooms and areas during a party or social event. It all just makes sense. No more duplication of hardware and software, wires and clutter. One Master Collection - available from any room in the house. With your name on it and ready when you are. This is distributed audio.


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