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All your favorite videos in one centralized location. All the wires and electronic clutter around your sleek flat panel - gone!

A solution that makes sense for you!

Distributed Video is similar to Distributed Audio. In this case, your favorite video, movies, DVD's, Cable channels and more are available to you from anywhere in the home. There is no longer the need to fill your bedroom or living room with all of your audio /video gear, though we definitely understand, it is tempting to show it off. But why? You can put all your gear in one location such as your basement or closet and say goodbye to all the technology clutter and say hello to a simpler world.

More access, less equipment... more - yet less!

All that you really need is the television and remote. By centralizing all the equipment, you're able to achieve the same high level of quality, without compromising the look of your room. By centralizing - you're able to share that same media throughout the entire home. Distributed video enables you to have a dedicated DVR for each user, and so, you have your personal DVR available wherever you are. Having different DVR's in different rooms with different saved shows just becomes just clumsy and unmanageable.

"By centralizing all the equipment and video content, you're able to achieve the same high level of quality, without all the electronic clutter and cabling. Very clean and tidy."

Steve Stabile, Director of Residential Sales.

Access your Master Collection from anywhere

Distributed video just makes sense. There is no duplicity of content or inability to share that content with any TV in the home. You have your own Master Collection of video, DVD's, video channels and you an access it at anytime from anywhere in the home. You lose the electronic clutter of the DVR, wire cables and power cords. The net result is your sleek flat panel television on the wall remains sleek, and you gain access to your Master Collection in one centralized location. Distributed Video is simple, clean and organized. Simply better.

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