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Structured wiring is a generic term used to describe different types of residential and commercial wiring solutions: to efficiently distribute all data throughout your home or office. At its best, structured wiring is a system architecture and wiring solution that establishes the layout, speed and capacity of all the wiring in your home.

A solution that is rapidly becoming a necessity

Many homes and businesses are labeled as "internet ready", but the reality is they are often slow and unreliable. Those are two poor attributes for a network given the rapid rise to cloud computing, higher bandwidth media distribution and the need to be online at all times.

Fast, Reliable and Scaleable

Structured Wiring is a solution which delivers a network that is exceptionally fast and extremely reliable and able to grow or scale to support new demands and technologies. That is why we are adamant about designing a network from the ground up that achieves the three critical hallmarks of an enterprise level network: fast, reliable and scalable. The attraction of structured wiring is that its relatively inexpensive to install a well designed wiring solution and gives your network the infrastructure it needs for those three critical hallmarks.

With structured wiring, you can be assured that your home is brilliantly capable of supporting technology now and into the future. Structured wiring is the foundation for all your wiring: audio, video, data to computers, telephones, TV’s, touch pads, security systems, lighting controls, computer networks, WiFi, e-mail, internet, DVD’s, HVAC, and more.

"Structured wiring is a wiring solution that achieves the three critical hallmarks of an enterprise grade network: fast, reliable and scalable."

John Senters, President, Genesis Audio Limited

Structured Wiring delivers home entertainment, computing and communication.

A structured wiring installation provides the necessary speed, capacity, and reliability for high-demand applications:

  • Home Entertainment, television, movies, music - media disc player, media server and online video distribution throughout the home
  • Internet and wireless internet access from anywhere on the property
  • Security, Access Control and CCTV
  • Automation and Control to manage the home

  • Structured wiring means the system can adapt and grow as needed

    Structured wiring provides a central conduit for the homes data, media and Wi-Fi services to be run. For example, this allows the DVR to be wired to the living room and the bedroom, while providing a Wi-Fi connection in the kitchen, bedroom and back patio area. As your family grows and the rooms are used for different purposes, so can the different services be changed or upgraded to support the newer uses and applications.

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