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Genesis Audio Limited creates an audio experience that transports you to the musician's recording session. The music's dynamics and clarity are delivered in a way that embodies the power and emotion of the music.

Home Audio

For many of us, music is where it all started. Like many endeavors, the pursuit and knowledge gained along the journey, was an unexpected reward. We have learned so much over the years in creating the best sound possible. When you shop with us, we offer you the benefit of decades of experience and knowledge of electronics, acoustics and installations in residential and commercial settings.


Great sound starts with great brands

We believe that part of our offer is featuring the world's best brands. We carry ANTHEM, AYRE, BRYSTON, CAMBRIDGE, DENON, FOCAL, MARANTZ, MARTIN LOGAN, PARADIGM, PRO-JECT, REVEL and more... Our brands have been reviewed by the most respected audio magazines and journals from around the world. Unanimously the audio press have recognized these brands and their products as offering world class performance in their price range. Audio equipment and the pursuit of music is our core passion. Come in and discuss about what you're after and how we can help you achieve your end goal.


"Accurate music reproduction is a challenge, yet always very rewarding"

Don Schmitt, Store Manager.

The best aren't always the most well-known.

Some of our brands you may not have heard of. These brands are often smaller firms and have limited resources. They focus their dollars on R&D, not on marketing. Like other high-end brands in different pursuits: Lotus cars, Quintana Roo bicycles, Breitling watches or Martin guitars,... they all share similar traits: exceptional build quality, impeccable performance and outstanding support. You may not have heard of BRYSTON, AYRE, REVEL or MARTIN-LOGAN, but ask any knowledgeable audio enthusiast, and you will get an affirmative response that you are in exceptional company.

Getting the most for the least

We believe that part of our offer is obtaining the best performance possible the least amount of money. Our years of experience and thorough knowledge of our product line allows to us allocate your budget where it will deliver the highest acoustic performance. In short, the most for the least. Our systems reflect that skill, and our customers appreciate it. We carry each and every brand for a reason - they represent the "best" product we've yet found. There are many variables that affect which brands we chose to carry. Visit "About / Our brands" to learn more.

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