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Home Automation has reached an age of incredible capabilities, ease of use and reliability. It has reached the age of true usefulness.

A solution that makes sense for you!

Home Automation simplifies your home.
Home Automation is a control solution allows you to manage different systems: audio, video, lighting, climate control, security, and all peripheral components. In the modern home, there are literally dozens of independent systems, but when tied together, with one interface, enables access and control from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Home automation simplifies your home and your life.

More capabilities, more control... - yet simpler!

  • Lock the house and all the lights go in to "away" mode,the drapes close and all the doors lock
  • Receive an email when your kids arrive home
  • Turn off all the lights at night from your bedroom
  • Search for movies on the television screen by the movie cover art
  • Let the babysitter in your home from your office, without giving out your key or code
  • Teleconference with your clients on the big screen
  • See who is at the front door while you're in the back yard

There are many possibilities available and you can add them as you wish. Home Automation ties all the home subsystems into a singular system and allows you to manage them as a cohesive whole, rather than individual fragments. The value of Home Automation is that it brings all your important controls, lighting, security, media, climate - all together where you can manage them easily and effectively. It is liberating. And it makes your life so much easier.

"Home automation isn't about making the home more complicated - it's about making your life ~ so much simpler."

Steve Stabile, Director of Residential Sales.

Home Automation begins with the best Control companies

We carry home automation solutions from the three of the world's most respected control companies: CRESTRON, CONTROL4 and RTI. For more information on these Control solutions, visit our Control page.


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