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Home Control is easier to use, moderately priced and can be extended to a tablet or phone. Where's the remote? In your pocket!

A solution that makes sense for you!

Control is the most overlooked component in most home theaters or home systems. Unfortunately, control still receives back-seat treatment from the magazines and consumers. It's an understandable mind-set. We agree, remote control isn't as intoxicating as a 300 watt amplifier. However, when it's done poorly, it's frustrating, maddening and the single biggest source for potential problems. When it's done properly, control is simple, intuitive and often taken for granted. In our book, control is the key component in achieving the most important issue ~ long-term customer satisfaction. Think about that. What's really important is not the killer amp, but perhaps, the killer app!

More access, more control... more - yet simpler!

Times have changed, and with the complexity of formats and sheer number of channels, services and media - your needs have changed. And it's all about control. Modern control solutions are smart. They know the status of what they are controlling. It knows if each component is on, off, and what mode it is set to. You want to watch DVD, it knows to turn on the DVD player, what input to set the receiver to, what audio mode, what aspect ratio. It's automatic, and very reliable. This intelligence in sophisticated remote solutions is what sets them apart from their less intelligent and more troublesome rivals.

As experts in home electronics, we go to great lengths to understand your system needs and your expectations, and then recommend a solution based on those needs and expectations. We recommend what you need, not what you think you need. Because control solutions have received back seat treatment from the press for so long, people often have the expectation that an inexpensive remote control can manage the needs of an expensive installation. At Genesis Audio Limited, we know what will work and what won't. We've been doing this for almost two decades. We will always recommend the appropriate control solution - for you.

We have control solutions for all price ranges. We want you to be satisfied ~ for the long term. Our control solutions are easy to use and most of all, will be very reliable for years and years. The result? Your long term satisfaction! Isn't that the name of the game?

" In our book, control is the key component in achieving the most important issue ~ long-term customer satisfaction."

Steve Stabile, Director of Residential Sales.

Different display panels and touch points for the living space

We feature control options that range from dedicated flat panels, wall mounted LCD screens and applications that run on a tablet, iPad or iPhone or smart phone. They key is that control can be fixed or mobile. In the kitchen or master bedroom, you may want a fixed display that allows you to control from a convenient location, but in the den or living room, you will probably want the flexibility and convenience of a tablet or iPad.

Control by the best!

We carry what we believe are the best brands in the world for home control solutions. Crestron, Control4, and RTI. Our three control solutions are highly regarded by the industry as offering the best performance in their price category.

CRESTRON is a complete control solution with unmatched capabilities and abilities.
CONTROL4 is an extremely versatile control solution with the ability to add capabilities at your leisure.
RTI offers a more modestly priced, while still extremely reliable, control solution.

All three brands offer varying degrees of capabilities and pricing. Contact us for more information on a control solution that fits your needs.

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