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The world of entertainment has changed. The growth of audio/video components that demand networking has exploded in the last 18 months. Combine that with the growth of networked media servers, streaming content from the cloud, need for access to business files and applications 24/7, it's essential that a robust network is properly implemented to to support the needs of the modern home.

Business grade networks for the home.

Modern home entertainment, computing and communication all hinges on one component - the Network. All services and capabilities are dependent on it. Everyone wants blazing speed, maximum throughput and reliable access to digital media and content - inside and outside the home. To accomplish that, you need an Enterprise Level Network.
And this is where CISCO comes in. CISCO is a very well respected manufacturer of top flight routers and network components. We are a Certified CISCO Partner. They manufacture for both residential and business applications. Their line of well-engineered components enable us to provide a quality networked solution with their Enterprise level - business product line.

"We are able to create for our customers a solid network architecture to support products that maximize our customers ability to leverage the latest in home entertainment, communication and control."

Chuck Ellisor, Director of Commercial Sales.

CISCO Authorized dealer and certified installer

Cisco products provide the high quality and reliability customers have come to expect from Genesis Audio Limited Along with existing networking products, CISCO is a leading manufacturer for:

• Networking products
• Network security
• Routers and switches
• Voice and video conferencing technologies
• Video surveillance
• Network storage

Genesis Audio Limited, is a CERTIFIED CISCO Dealer which also means that we are trained and licensed to professionally install their products. CISCO Systems has been known for enterprise level networking and voice products for over 25 years and has developed a strong reputation for quality products and reliable customer support. In recent years, CISCO has focused on creating quality, cost effective solutions products for the small business market – products that Genesis Audio Limited has implemented in our upscale home entertainment and automation solutions.

Quality products beautifully installed. One company. Genesis Audio Limited

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