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    Your home doesn't have to be like an old fortress to be secure. The new security systems of today are far more advanced than the homes of old, and provide a intrusion redundancy that keeps your home - safe and secure, now matter where you are.

    With our security solutions and companion products, your house can monitor itself and let you know - if something is out of the ordinary. Quickly and silently. This keeps your home and your family safe, and you in control.


    Security is more than keeping intruders on the outside. It enables you to see your home from the inside. Keyless security systems and their integration into Home Automation has revolutionized the residential security market. Smart door locks are more than just a convenient way to get into your house without fiddling for keys.

    Keyless security gives you options:
    Keyless provides vital information about who is entering your home, when they were there and how long they stayed. If your cleaning staff is in your home on Friday, and they're only supposed to be in the home on Tuesday's, you can receive an email alert. Know when your daughter arrives home from school, even when you're still at work, or out of town on business. By assigning alerts to whom you give out your passcode, you don't have to be in the home, to know who is entering the home and precisely at what time.

    In addition to keyless security, you are able to integrate your security system with your home entertainment system, so your security solution is always at hand and in view:
    - If someone is at your door - turn on any TV or go to any touchscreen to see if it's your neighbor or a stranger before you answer.
    - Turn off all lights, and arm your security system from your bedside remote. With the ability to manage the security system from any television, computer or smart phone, you are in control, from anywhere in the home or literally, anywhere in the world! And that's a comfortable place to be.

  • YOU'RE HOME - 24/7

    Act like you're home - even when you're out.
    Studies have shown that burglars are less likely to enter homes that are occupied. Your security system can be programmed with your lighting control system so that interior and exterior lights are sequentially turned on and off to fake any would be intruder into believing your home is occupied. The options continue with contact and vibration sensors to alert you if specific valuables or secure items have been touched. This is the perfect solution for your protection from people whom you have given access to your home such as cleaning, maintenance or other service personnel.

    Other sensors include water flow alert, like a leaking water pipe, or inside temperatures, if your furnace has stopped working from a power outage. These alerts give you command of the home and confidence that your home is safe and secure.

    If an intruder breaks a window, or opens a door, your alarm company can be notified, or your system can be programmed to flash all your interior and exterior lights while sirens blast at full volume through your whole-home audio system. This makes your home a very uncomfortable place for someone who doesn't belong there.


    Your home security system can be expanded to include Closed Circuit TV or CCTV. CCTV allows you to see different views of your home and work. You can see who is at the front door from any TV in the home, or even see your business' loading dock from your tablet while on the back patio! Essentially, you can view any camera at any location in the world, and watch it from any networked viewing platform, i-pad, computer monitor, or your smart phone.

    Security solutions are simply superior to that of ten years ago. They are integrated into your home and personal electronics and keep you in control of your home regardless of where you are in the world. It's a connected world, and integrated Keyless Security systems keep you in control.