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Kaleidescape Movie Server for high performance home theater

Kaleidescape Movie Servers

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Kaleidescape Movie Servers

Kaleidescape is a movie streaming service that delivers high-resolution, sound and picture performance for home theater. Think of it as the QoBuz or Tidal for movies.

Why do I need this? Video-on-Demand (VOD) streaming from Apple, Hulu, Netflix etc… are not the same video or audio resolution as Blu-ray. They're not even close. They are downsampled with a data reduction algorithm - this is not compression - this is data reduction to speed movie download time and increase the ability to stream on lower bandwidth 50 to 20 Mbps WiFi networks. Just like audio MP3’s, the lower the bit-rate, the lower the resolution which noticeably degrades audio & video resolution.

Lower quality audio and video resolution is avoided on Kaleidescape's movie servers by delivering the highest resolution possible - the same as the original master recording - which in some cases surpasses the Blu-ray Disc and most certainly any other VOD.

The average movie from a VOD service averages 6-8 Mbps, while a quality BluRay disc is around 50 Mbps. The Kaleidescape delivers 65 Mbps. Kaleidescape has its own movie store for customers to download bit-for-bit Blu-ray movies to play on the Kaleidescape movie server.

With VOD competitors, most movie audio tracks are Dolby Digital Plus, a few services offer limited Atmos support, but it's a data reduction form of Atmos built on top of Dolby Digital Plus. With Kaleidescape, you have fully uncompromised, high resolution audio. Downloads offer the quality of Blu-ray, with uncompressed Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA soundtracks!

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For high resolution TV’s and projectors in the home or a dedicated home theater, you have a movie that is equal to or superior than BluRay. Kaleidescape delivers the very best VOD movie experience. You can see and hear the difference.

JBL HDI Series high performance home audio and home stereo

JBL HDI Series

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JBL HDI Series "The modern JBL speaker" JBL HDI Series Now on Sale at 30% OFF!

The HDI Series is the modern showcase of JBL’s industry-leading acoustics technologies, packaged in an elegant cabinetry with a modern design aesthetic. The HDI series features state-of-the-art waveguide technology coupled with their patented 2410H-2 1" high-frequency compression driver. You could think of the HDI as today's L-Series. With a sophisticated curved and sleek cabinet, the HDI Series is the embodiment of the modern JBL high-performance loudspeaker.

Designed and engineered in JBL’s world-famous acoustic engineering facility in Northridge, California, the HDI Series lineup is simple. Two towers, one bookshelf, one center and a subwoofer. All the speakers, save for the subwoofer of course, utilze the well regarded 2410H-2 compression driver.

The tower speakers are the HDI-3800 with three 8" woofers and the HDI-3600 with three 6" woofers. The bookshelf, HDI-1600 features a single 6" woofer. The center speaker, the HDI-4500 features, and you guessed it, four 5" woofers.

All the speakers share similar woofer construction, featuring a massive magnet structure with an advanced aluminum matrix cone woofer that is exceedingly powerful, delivering dynamics and exceptionally fast and accurate bass. We are very impressed with the bass performance. This is bass with speed, weight and definition. All the HDI enclosures are heavily braced and provide a solid acoustic foundation.

Finishes for the modern streamlined curved cabinet are an automotive-grade painted high gloss black, or furniture-grade satin walnut or gray oak wood veneers. A black cloth, magnetically attached grille completes the elegant appearance. Leaving the grilles off, especially on the black, provides a sophisticated, yet industrial look.

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The JBL HDI Series provides a dynamic range and contrast that should be heard to understand what that adds to the acoustic experience. Additionally, the bass performance of the towers and especially the bookshelf is nothing short of extraordinary.

Cambridge Audio EVO 150 streaming audio receiver

Cambridge Audio EVO Series

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Cambridge Audio EVO Series "The evolution of Hi-Fi"

The Cambridge Audio EVO 150 and its smaller brother, the EVO 75, make up a new category of all-in-one components, where the amplifier, streamer and DAC are all on one chassis. I've seen this single chassis approach called "all-in-one" to "just add speakers." Call it what you will, there is a natural evolution of the receiver that embraces all platforms of digital music, and combines compact design, high performance and ease of use.

Cambridge Audio has been on a roll lately, releasing the CXN V2 - a terrific audio streamer, the incomparable Edge - a no holds barred amplifier series and more. All of these products have been very well received by audio journalists and listeners worldwide. So this latest release, The EVO Series, is a product that does it all... preamplifier, amplifier, network streamer, DAC and large LCD panel all slipped into one small attractive chassis. You could say it's an audio component without the pain-in-the-butt-factor of multiple components, cables and remotes.

The engineers at Cambridge Audio have stated: "unless streaming sounds great, what's the point?" We agree. So they set out to build a single component that gives the owner, the biggest two biggest gifts of all, terrific sound and simplicity.

Ideally, the EVO is for the person who wants to use their own collection of music plus stream high-quality streaming services such as Roon, Qobuz and Tidal Masters Series. Yes it will stream the usual suspects, AirPlay2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect and more, but the EVO really hits it stride with high resolution audio files either locally, or streaming. The EVO isn't the end-all, be-all for acoustic performance, the Cambridge Audio Edge Series addresses that, but it is very, very good.

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There are several stand-out points of the EVO Series, the finely tuned Hypex NCore Class D amplifier, the exceptional DAC's, or the fully featured back panel. The heart of the EVO Series is the ease-of-use provided by Cambridge’s own StreamMagic app. The StreamMagic platform debuted a decade ago and the continual refinement over the years has created a mature and intuitive music app for the Smartphone.

The Cambridge Audio EVO focuses on the user experience and delivers a product that delivers inspiring performance, is easy to place, and so easy to use.

KEF KC62 home stereo or home theater subwoofer


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KEF KC62 Wins "Best Product for 2021-2022"
The KEF KC62 has been declared the very best audio product in the EISA Subwoofer Category, in this year’s prestigious EISA Awards.

This is the biggest sounding, smallest subwoofer you will find on the market today. Really? Yes Really! Okay, consider the spec's: -3dB at 11Hz with a maximum 105 dB. Again, Yes Really!? You're talking below 15Hz performance - and its small! The KEF KC62 is a subwoofer that makes even jaded audiophiles drop their jaws and go how does it do that? Cleverly. KEF uses two 6.5" with force cancelling drive units, and each voice coil is nestled inside the other, sharing a single massive magnet and powered by twin 500 watt amplifiers. Even dual 6.5" woofers will reach their limits and as we may know, subs can make an ugly "barking" noise as the woofers hit their acoustic and mechanical limits. Ugliness never occurs using KEF's proprietary 'Smart Distortion Control Technology' so that even on maximum bass volumes, the woofer is prevented from hitting its mechanical limits. Run it as hard as you like, an ugly noise just isn't in this sub's vocabulary.

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The Story behind the "KEF KC65 Subwoofer"
The development of a small subwoofer that for all practical measures, performs as well as a 12" or 15" subwoofer is truly a landmark achievement! We see this type of product breakthrough once a decade. It is no wonder the SC62 won this year's EISA "Best Product" in the Subwoofer category. The KEF KC62 in on display and we want you to experience just how impressively a sub - this small - performs this big! Clean, performance below 15Hz and compact. The KEF SC62 is amazing and that's no marketing fluff. This is a breakthrough product.

JBL Everest Speakers

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JBL Synthesis Everest DD6700

One of the finest speakers on the Globe!
This is an audio speaker that can do it all. The Bi-Radial horn drivers deliver unmatched dynamic contrasts, from the quietest musical subtleties to the loudest musical sections of a heavy rock band or classical orchestra. There is a sense of dynamic effortlessness and transient response that must be heard. If you've never head a good horn-driver loudspeaker, it can be a sonic revelation, and often makes other driver designs seem dynamically lethargic and compressed. You owe it to your audiophile self to hear a speaker that embodies the term: dynamic. This is an engineering assault on audio's summit, the project nicknamed "Everest", in the effort to be one of the world's best speakers and it's here in Columbus, OH.

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The JBL Everest model DD6700, is a three-way speaker with dual 15" woofers, with a 4' pure beryllium compression driver and a 1" pure beryllium ultra high-frequency driver that delivers sound that rivals the best speakers in the world. You can schedule a dedicated time for you to audition these below.

The Story behind the "Everest Project"
Under a program called Project Everest, JBL® engineers endeavored to create the ultimate home audio loudspeaker, the Everest DD6700. Using the unrivaled R&D resources of Harman, they created the finest speaker we have ever had in our showrooms. Our display model is finished in a beautiful rosewood with other custom paint finishes available. The JBL Summit Series Everest are $37,500 each. Expensive yes, but world class is never inexpensive. We invite you to hear them and perceive music as it was intended - live musicians - playing in the room!

Paradigm Founder Series 80F Speakers Arrived!

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Paradigm Founder Series Loudspeakers are here!

Founder Series is no ordinary loudspeaker.
Paradigm is no ordinary company. They are one of the few that build all their drivers in house. That level of control and expertise has led Paradigm to build exceptional speakers at reasonable price points.  In this new series of speakers, every component, large and small, was engineered exclusively for Founder’s. The new cabinet platform is not just a stunning design, its unique shape and integrated structural bracing delivers acoustic performance that cannot be matched by traditional square boxes. 

Precision. Control. Dynamics.
The Founder series includes many new advances in design, materials, and engineering to provide class defining levels of performance.  Detail, clarity, accuracy, fidelity - all of these critical criteria are addressed by the Founder Series.

Ready for Audition
The Founder model 80F, a 4-driver, 2.5 way floorstanding speaker is on display for you to hear and review. You can schedule a dedicated time for you to audition these below.

The Story behind "Foundation Series"
Original founder Scott Bagby, along with his brother, John, purchased back the controlling interest of Paradigm in May of 2019, the very company they founded. Since then, Scott and John have reignited their company to focus on what made great: exceptional products for the dollar. The Founder Series reflects that commitment.

Cambridge Audio Turntable in Columbus

Cambridge Audio Alva Turntable

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Bluetooth High Performance Turntable now in Columbus, Ohio

Just Add Vinyl - Listen from a bluetooth receiver, streamer or headphones.
Bluetooth aptX HD - Wireless Hi-Res streaming. Place the turntable anywhere.
Built-In Phonostage - No need for extra components. Keeps your setup simple.
Direct Drive - Consistent drive speed with pitch-perfect audio reproduction.
Pre-installed High Output MC Cartridge - Pristine musical detail. No tricky setup.
British-made single-Piece Tonearm - Rega sourced arm is lightweight and strong. Tracks your records flawlessly.

Summary: As a whole, the turntable is a complete system and with very flexible capabilities. The integrated bluetooth phono stage means you can connect to many devices enabling you to extend your listening options without making it overly complex or adding more gear...

This is a benchmark product, and not because of the focus on internal engineering. That's been done over and over. The focus on human use hasn't. The incorporation of the world's first high resolution Bluetooth in a turntable allows you to - place the table anywhere - enjoy it everywhere. Overall, this is a very sophisticated turntable, yet the enjoyment of it is so simple. Schedule a dedicated time to review this turntable.

"New ground can only be broken once, and Cambridge Audio's hi-res wireless Alva TT turntable is now a benchmark product...The fact it’s able to stream wirelessly to a 24bit/48kHz aptX HD standard makes it number one in a field of one. No other record player from any better-established brand in this sort of market - Rega, for instance, or Clearaudio - is able to come close to this level of convenience. No other record player is as friendly or adaptable, and no other record player will fit in with your wider lifestyle so seamlessly. That’s why the Alva TT is so easy to recommend so wholeheartedly." - Jeff Dorgay, TONE

KEF Speakers and the Blades on display!

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KEF Loudspeakers now in Columbus, Ohio

We are very proud to be a dealer for KEF. From the very beginning, the pioneering inventiveness of KEF loudspeakers was undeniable and for several decades, audiophiles around the world have revered KEF for its innovative, high-performance loudspeakers. We have the highly regarded KEF Blade and the Reference One and many more on display and ready to audition. Schedule a dedicated time for you to audition.

"Beware of being beguiled by their good looks lest you forget that what you are getting for all that cash: the most advanced state-of-the-art engineering you will find in a modern loudspeaker." - Jeffrey Bradley, Dagogo

"This is a speaker that reveals the finest nuance, allowing me to evaluate different components with ease, yet is also a speaker with which I love to just sit and listen to music for pleasure, even after a 12-hour day of component reviews. This is the highest compliment I can pay the Blades—..." - Jeff Dorgay, TONE

We hope you will take the time to hear what legends are made of...

Cambridge Audio Edge Amplifiers and Digital Streaming Preamplifier

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Cambridge Audio Edge is here in Columbus, Ohio

In the build-up to Cambridge Audio's 50th anniversary, we asked our engineers a simple question – what would they make if anything was possible? Over 3 years in the making, utilizing a team of 9 engineers, the result is Edge.

In recognition of our heritage, we developed Edge. The embodiment of Cambridge Audio’s pinnacle of 50 years of Hi-Fi expertise. Beautifully minimal in its design, the Edge Series features one high-quality dual concentric volume and source select control knob, enabling you to navigate menus intuitively with a simple twist. Designed and assembled in the UK by the EDGE team.

"At this price, we can’t think of a more complete alternative than the Edge Amplifier. Cambridge has done a terrific job" - WHAT HIFI, United Kingdom

"I loved the unusual styling and the software is superb; the sound is inspirational..." - Mark Sparrow, Forbes, United States

"The Edge NQ and W can connect all the connected aspects of your music-reproduction life. They do so reliably and easily. The overall achievement as a product line clearly built by proud experts in their fields deserves respect and acknowledgement. Beautiful, substantial, and intelligent separates that should be sought out for audition. " - Allan Moulton, The Absolute Sound, United States

We hope you will take the time to hear this celebration of a 50 year heritage and enjoy what a well designed and beautifully integrated networked preamp and amp combination can bring to your life.

7 Tips for Good Sound in Outdoor Speakers

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Seven Tips for Good Sound in Outdoor Speakers

Fact: Outdoor speakers are different. They are NOT indoor speakers made waterproof. They are engineered to sound completely different as they are being used in a completely different acoustic environment. Outdoor speakers are engineered to acoustically offset the large open expanse of the outdoors without floors, walls and ceilings to help reflect the sound and augment the bass. The outdoor speaker is acoustically engineered to deliver tight, deep bass, and a broad soundstage, so no matter where you are - outdoors - they sound impressive! Have questions about outdoor speakers and outdoor televisions? Schedule a Zoom call or reserve a dedicated time to hear our outdoor speakers.

This article identifies how outdoor speakers perform and provides tips and insights to get the most from your outdoor speakers in Columbus, Ohio.

Paradigm Persona audio stereo speakers

PARADIGM Persona available to audition

  • PARADIGM Persona
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PARADIGM has become synonymous with high performance speakers and incredible value for the dollar. PARADIGM continues that tradition with the new top-of-the-line Persona series, which are considered by some, the finest speakers in the world, at any price.

The new PARADIGM Persona stylishly delivers an unprecedented level of audio realism. Their new flagship speakers showcase cutting-edge design & engineering coupled with the most advanced technologies, culminating in a reference level audio speaker.

We are the only Audio Video dealer in the Columbus, Ohio market showing the PARADIGM Persona 7F on display with the ability to audition. If you are in the market for high-end audio speakers, such as Focal, Revel, Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, KEF, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio, or just consider yourself a music lover, come in and listen to them. You're always welcome here.

Bryston Amplifiers


  • BRYSTON 4B now in its 3rd Generation
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BRYSTON is a brand that has become synonymous with impeccable build quality, superlative sound and a reputation that is head and shoulders above everyone in the industry.

BRYSTON's credentials extend far beyond home audio. Their beginnings were making amplifiers for professional recording studio's and delivering a product with unrivaled reliability and the requisite sound quality to go with it. One such product is the Bryston 4B. This product has been manufactured continuously since 1978. Now rated at 300 watts per channel, this true dual-mono amplifier is powerful enough for practically any speaker, yet it's priced to remain within reach. The degree of clarity, power, nuance, and outright truthfulness of this amp is reference level.

BRYSTON is a brand you'll always be proud to own with a fully transferable 20-year parts & labor warranty.

Parade of Homes | Lewis Center

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What's new in architectural and planning is the highlighting of "New Urbanism" as the model for community development.

Evans Farm expresses it this way... “Evans Farm is Ohio’s only community designed around the principles of new urbanism, where shops, restaurants, parks, residential houses, and more are all within walking or biking distance of each other—so you can spend less time in rush hour and more time at happy hour.”

You may think this is just good marketing copy, but what they're actually saying is true and… new.

Pro-Ject Turntables

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Pro-Ject turntables are long established as both a leader in performance and value, two words that aren't often used together.

For vinyl fans, Pro-Ject has been a long established leader in turntable and tonearms. The Pro-Ject turntable series has been on the market for over 25 years. Their tonearm series has been continually evolving for 20 years. Their rich history and experience has resulted in products that have few equals at their respective price-points.

The new line up from Pro-Ject also includes an excellent line of phono cartridges that will fit most tonearms. We also carry Denon, Sumiko and Ortofon cartridges. If your system lacks a phono stage, Pro-Ject has some terrific options.