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7 Tips for Good Sound in Outdoor Speakers

  • Getting good sound from outdoor speakers
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Seven Tips for Good Sound in Outdoor Speakers

Fact: Outdoor speakers are different. They are NOT indoor speakers made waterproof. They are engineered to sound completely different as they are being used in a completely different acoustic environment. Outdoor speakers are engineered to acoustically offset the large open expanse of the outdoors without floors, walls and ceilings to help reflect the sound and augment the bass. The outdoor speaker is acoustically engineered to deliver tight, deep bass, and a broad soundstage, so no matter where you are - outdoors - they sound impressive!.

This article identifies how outdoor speakers perform and provides tips and insights to get the most from your outdoor speakers in 2020.

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Paradigm Persona audio stereo speakers

PARADIGM Persona now available to audition

  • PARADIGM Persona
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PARADIGM has become synonymous with high performance speakers and incredible value for the dollar. PARADIGM continues that tradition with the new top-of-the-line Persona series, which are considered by some, the finest speakers in the world, at any price.

The new PARADIGM Persona stylishly delivers an unprecedented level of audio realism. Their new flagship speakers showcase cutting-edge design & engineering coupled with the most advanced technologies, culminating in a reference level audio speaker.

We are the only Audio Video dealer in the Columbus, Ohio market showing the PARADIGM Persona 7F on display with the ability to audition. If you are in the market for high-end audio speakers, such as Focal, Revel, Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, KEF, Sonus Faber, Wilson Audio, or just consider yourself a music lover, come in and listen to them. You're always welcome here.

Bryston Amplifiers


  • BRYSTON 4B now in its 3rd Generation
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BRYSTON is a brand that has become synonymous with impeccable build quality, superlative sound and a reputation that is head and shoulders above everyone in the industry.

BRYSTON's credentials extend far beyond home audio. Their beginnings were making amplifiers for professional recording studio's and delivering a product with unrivaled reliability and the requisite sound quality to go with it. One such product is the Bryston 4B. This product has been manufactured continuously since 1978. Now rated at 300 watts per channel, this true dual-mono amplifier is powerful enough for practically any speaker, yet it's priced to remain within reach. The degree of clarity, power, nuance, and outright truthfulness of this amp is reference level.

BRYSTON is a brand you'll always be proud to own. BRYSTON has an unequaled, fully transferable 20-year parts & labor warranty.


Parade of Homes | 2019

  • Parade of Homes & Interior Design
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What's new in 2019 is the highlighting of "New Urbanism" as the model for community development.

Evans Farm expresses it this way... “Evans Farm is Ohio’s only community designed around the principles of new urbanism, where shops, restaurants, parks, residential houses, and more are all within walking or biking distance of each other—so you can spend less time in rush hour and more time at happy hour.”

You may think this is just good marketing copy, but what they're actually saying is true and… new.



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Pro-Ject turntables are long established as both a leader in performance and value, two words that aren't often used together.

For vinyl fans, Pro-Ject has been a long established leader in turntable and tonearms. The Pro-Ject turntable series has been on the market for over 25 years. Their tonearm series has been continually evolving for 20 years. Their rich history and experience has resulted in products that have few equals at their respective price-points.

The new line up from Pro-Ject also includes an excellent line of phono cartridges that will fit most tonearms. We also carry Denon, Sumiko and Ortofon cartridges. If your system lacks a phono stage, Cambridge Audio has some terrific options.