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Vintage Car Racing MidOhio

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Vintage Racing and Concours

If you like vintage cars driving full-tilt boogie through wooded countryside, then the Sprint Vintage Event at MidOhio is for you. Sports cars from the last 60 years will be racing and on display all weekend. For 41 consecutive years, SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix delivers real racing - Ohio Style. If you like American, European makes or all points in between, there are 18 classes of vintage and historic race cars on the track and several hundred more in car shows that adds to the MidOhio event.
Mid-Ohio features long straights, fast-sweepers and off-camber technical sequences. Mid-Ohio’s park-like setting and challenging 15-turns with significant elevation changes makes it a real drivers course. There is easy access to great vantage points, along side the race track or in the pits.

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Genesis JAMFest 2022

"The Best Hi-Fi Party in the Midwest!"

Saturday, August 20

25in22 Celebration

Genesis Audio was founded on recreating the musical event. Each year we maintain that tradition with a one-hell-of-a-celebration at JAMFest by sharing our passion for residential and professional audio, expertise in electronics and our craft in creating "the believable illusion." As part of our - 25th Anniversary Celebration | 25in22 - JAMFest 2022 event will feature tech seminars, new products, outrageous product demonstrations, rare and vintage used components, great food and drinks... and a way for all of us to have a Hi-Fi Party.

At JAMFest 2022, clients, guests and friends, help us celebrate our enduring tradition for one of our deepest passions: the recreation of the musical event!

Lat year, Genesis JAMFest 2021 attendees, James Wynn (left), received the grand prize Cambridge Audio CXNV2 Audio Streamer from Store Manager Don Schmitt while Mike Davis received a Nordost Blue Heaven AC Power Cord. James and Mike were the lucky Genesis JAMFest 2021 attendees who were chosen at random for our prize drawing.

JAMFest 2022 is the best Hi-Fi Party in the Midwest.