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We want to demystify some of the technical aspects of audio, video, home theater and smart home technology so you can make an informed decision. Home entertainment should be as easy as sipping a fantastic cup of coffee and listening to great music.
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A Guide to Sound Systems | by Cambridge Audio
How To Series

A Guide to Sound Systems

Different Hi-Fi Systems
Need a new sound system but not sure where to start? Our video "how to" guide is here to help you choose the right audio system for your home, whether you're thinking about a hi-fi system, full surround sound system or even a portable Bluetooth speaker.
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SONOS™ offers the ability to do three things easily and affordably: STREAM music wirelessly through the home, CONNECT your home stereo to your music library on a network or hard drive, and lastly, CONTROL your music media and sources wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or computer.
Beginners Guide to Hi-Fi Systems | by Cambridge Audio
How To Series

A Guide to Hi-Fi Systems

Building a hi-fi system?
Looking to build your first hi-fi system? Are you a beginner and not quite sure where to start? That’s ok, building your first sound system can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you’re not familiar with the different hi-fi units available to you.
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Paradigm Millenia Speakers

Paradigm Millenia™ speakers offer sophisticated state-of-the-art Paradigm Reference technology wrapped in a sleek lifestyle design to complement any home.
Beginners Guide to Hi-Fi Speakers | by Cambridge Audio
How To Series

A Guide to Hi-Fi Speakers

A Beginners Guide to Hi-Fi speakers.
Not sure what kind of speakers to add to your setup? There are lots of different speakers that come in all shapes and sizes that you can include in your setup. Here’s a quick rundown of the different kinds you’ll see when you start to shop around:/span>
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Revel Performa3 Speakers

How well do the Revel Performa3 deliver over the well loved Performa2 speakers? Our own Don Schmitt provides the analysis and perspective.
A Beginners Guide to Hi-Fi Sources | by Cambridge Audio
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Looking to build a hi-fi system? Not quite sure what you need for high-quality audio? There are lots of different music players you can add to your hi-fi system and they all specialize in playing different music formats. They are also known as music sources.