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What features are most important in a Smart Home?

Buy smart products that are from the same "family" or manufacturer. Save yourself headaches and regret by purchasing all the equipment that operate on the same Operating System (OS) so that connectivity and reliability are never compromised.

Why should I have a Smart Home?

Having a Smart Home allows you to integrate & control many systems in your home with very simple “single app” control from anywhere, rather than having a multitude of apps and systems that don’t communicate or interconnect at all. Genesis Audio Limited can turn your home into a mindful environment always in tune with your life. Under your effortless command. We can integrate hundreds of media, lighting, communications, and environmental processes and systems into one harmonious structure you can control with a touch of a button.

Why should I use home automation or automated processes?

Consider your lifestyle. Ask yourself what automated solutions would make your life easier and more pleasant. Do you want to get rid of the stack of remotes for all your audio-visual equipment? Do you want the ability to listen to your music collection virtually anywhere in your house? Do you want all of the lights in your house to go off when you leave? Do you want to be able to check on your home from anywhere in the world to make sure it’s secure?

Whether wired or wireless, you can automate practically any electronic device in and around your home. You can automate your swimming pool or spa, inside and outside lights, electronic gates, sprinkler system, garage doors, music, movies, television, heating and cooling, security system, door locks, security cameras, and on and on. The possibilities are virtually endless.

How is Dolby Atmos different than Dolby Digital or DTS?

Dolby Atmos is the first home theater system that is based not on channels, but on audio objects. What is an audio object? Any sound heard in a movie scene — a jet fighter taking off, a gun shot, raindrops on the roof — are audio objects. Filmmakers using Dolby Atmos can decide exactly where those sounds should be placed and precisely where they move as the scene develops.

What's 4K video - and UltraHD - and do I need it?

Right now, the terms 4K and Ultra HD are essentially used interchangeably. 4K is one type of UHD defined by a 2160 pixel resolution (the minimum threshold for UHD), and it's quickly becoming the first widespread UHD standard. Ultra high definition (UHD) is a standard that exceeds high definition (HD). The Consumer Electronics Association defines UHD displays as having a 16:9 ratio (the same as HD) and a minimum pixel count of 3840 by 2160. HD maxes out at 1080p, which is 1920 by 1080 pixels.

I want to get better sound with my TV. What are my options?

Shere are several options... ranging from a single-speaker sound bar to on-wall or in-wall and in-ceiling speaker options to full multi-speaker surround sound systems. We also feature invisible speakers which are mounted directly in the drywall - making for a completely stealth installation. Any one of these options can turn your room into a great listening space. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

Q: Is a Dedicated Theater Better than a Media Room?

It’s entirely up to you! Generally speaking, a dedicated home theater will have a better viewing and listening experience because the room will be completely optimized for that purpose alone, while a media room or family room will need to accommodate other uses. But you need to consider which style of room will bring the most value to your lifestyle—if you’re the type of person who wants to enjoy all different types of activities in the space, a multipurpose media room might be a better fit over the high-end theater experience of a dedicated room.

Q: How Much Will It Cost / How Long Will It Take to Install a Home Theater?

Is the project for new construction or a retrofit of an existing home? Are you bringing in an interior designer or sticking with the basics? How large of a theater do you want? All these questions and more will impact timelines and project cost, so the best way to find out the answer is to speak with on of us. After an initial assessment, we can give you a quote with specific price ranges that work for your budget and timelines.
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