Smart keypads can replace traditional light switches to provide extensive smart home control of lighting and much more, including the control of locks with a simple keypad button press. One press of a button can creates just the right light. For example, press ‘Good Morning’ to light the way downstairs or‘Goodnight’ to turn all your lights off. With choices extending from stylish wall-plates, dimmers, to app-based control, you’re made the master of the lighting spectrum across your home.

Turn on or off multiple rooms, or your entire house, with one tap of a smart lighting keypad dimmer as you’re headed off to work. There’s no longer a need to travel from room-to-room switching off individual lights and televisions. Engraved smart lighting buttons make it simple to activate smart lighting scenes and full smart home automation.

Experience your home in the best light with smart fixtures and lighting control systems that enhance everything from your interior design and artwork. Smart lighting control also contributes to a safe environment by linking with the security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected.

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Motorized shades and drapes are automated to be used in front of doors, windows and other parts of homes or offices. You don’t need to move out of your bed or off your couch if you want to pull back the curtains or let the sunshine in. You can use the motorized shades and drapes and manage them throughout the house from your Smartphone. You are able to setup "scenes" that combine the right amount of shading and lighting for the time of day or night.

Automated curtains, drapes and shades are widely used in dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, media rooms and other indoor places to control just the right amount of sunlight for your home while maintaining your privacy.

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Say Goodbye to Light Switches

Say Hello to Just right

Smart Home Lighting Scenes - Lighting control is all about personalization, adding a lighting scene for the aesthetic that creates an ideal movie-viewing experience for you and your family, or provides an ambiance that is lively for a gathering of guests, and even sets the perfect mood for movie night. Creating Smart Lighting Scenes is easy and can be done by the home owner in about 15 seconds.

Imagine just using a single button to set the appropriate lighting in the hallways and kitchen. Not too bright, not too dim, just right for fixing breakfast and getting started for morning in the household. Custom-tailored smart lighting control allows you to change the mood of any area of your Columbus Ohio home to suit the occasion. Sleek and customized to fit your home’s color and design elements, modern controls complement practical home-functionality with simplicity.



Outdoor Lighting Installation - As a natural addition to our outdoor audio services we have extended our outdoor living products to include outdoor lighting solutions and landscape lighting systems.

If you're going to add an outdoor audio system why not add outdoor lighting at the same time? As with outdoor speakers, outdoor lighting requires similar wiring run to end points and back to a power source. All the lighting and outdoor sound can be controlled by your Smartphone. Outdoor audio and outdoor lighting can be a great addition to your home.

All of our outdoor lighting products installed are controllable and compatible with our smart lighting control solutions. You can add pre-programmed outdoor lighting scenes and include the ability to personalize your own scenes with the touch of a button as well as dusk/night/dawn programming to keep your house more secure using smart lighting home automation. Breathe life into your gardens with layers of accent lighting and weather-resistant, high-performance audio for a landscape that encourages you to be OUTSIDE!

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