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Saturday, June 14-17, 2024

We will have our annual Blues & Jazz Open House on Saturday, June 15 from 3 PM to 10 PM, and we welcome you to stop in. We will be hosting food and drinks and have some of our newest arrivals in home audio, video and custom integration on display.

The event includes 5 stages of music, a family fun zone, food and retail vendors, and much more. The family friendly festival will feature world-class music on multiple stages.

In our opinion, this is one of the best Music Festivals held in Columbus Ohio. There are great range of talent, spanning jazz, gospel, blues and blues rock. The open pavilion stages make attending events very easy, and there are plenty of chairs. We have always been particularly impressed with some of the musical talent that comes through each year.  There are tents with arts, crafts and gifts. All in all, this is a true festival, and a terrific showcase for great music right here in Columbus.

Saturday, June 21-23, 2024 Vintage Racing

If you like the idea of vintage cars driving full-tilt boogie through wooded countryside, then the Sprint Vintage Event at MidOhio is for you. 

JOIN team genesis AT OUR tent!

We will be at this event with a Genesis flag by our tent in “Thunder Valley. ”  Stop by and help yourself to our picnic food and drinks and let’s talk high performance cars, audio and the magical sound of a short-stroke small block V8 making that magical whine at 7,000 RPM!

Sports cars from the last 60 years will be racing and on display all weekend. For 42 consecutive years, SVRA Mid-Ohio Vintage Grand Prix delivers real racing – Ohio Style. If you like American, European makes or all points in between, Sportscar Vintage Racing Association / Trans Am / ARCA Menards Series. Overall there are 18 classes of vintage and historic race cars on the track and several hundred more in car shows that adds to the MidOhio event.

Mid-Ohio features long straights, fast-sweepers and off-camber technical sequences. Mid-Ohio’s park-like setting and challenging 15-turns with significant elevation changes makes it a real drivers course. There is easy access to great vantage points, alongside the race track or in the pits.

SATURDAY, august 24 & 25, 2024
Fortress obetz

If you’re an audio enthusiast and love cars, you should go!

World class high performance automotive audio enthusiasts compete for trophies at the Fortress in Obetz, OH. This highly competitive car audio showdown includes our company president, John Senters who along with other highly competitive entrants will be battling for the right to attend the National Competition Event.

Car audio is much like home audio in that the goals are the same: quality sound with good soundstage, accuracy of musical instruments, natural voicing, bass performance with depth and texture, the list is long, just as it is in the home.  And just like home audio, the environment plays a key aspect in the sound quality.

Creating great car sound is a more difficult than in the home with a far smaller listening environment with highly reflective sheets of glass that cannot be damped,  bass that is often placed behind you, and speakers that are literally tens of inches away from your ears, rather than tens of feet away… the list is long and the challenge is great.

The other challenges are the physical and electrical installation. In the home, the setup is relatively straightforward, few people build their equipment into their home with custom fabrication. In the car, all the components are custom installed, wires routed and custom enclosures with leathers, fabrics or materials are fabricated to the specific vehicle’s appearance and color scheme.  The build quality is often first-rate and the quality of materials and attention to detail, exceptional. Every car has its own unique set of acoustic challenges, and how the competitor addresses those, while staying true to their own acoustic goals and that of the judges makes for an interesting event.

Just like at any car show, competitors are happy to share their thoughts about their solution and the car itself. Often the cars are modified with upgraded engines, suspensions, wheels, dampening upgrades all in the spirit of improving the car’s automotive audio and performance. Selection of components, electrical and circuit design, and craftsmanship of installation and overall acoustic performance are all key parameters of judging.  You will be impressed at the high level of execution and craftsmanship.

Come out and join John Senters and Team Genesis for a great day with cars battling for top honors in high performance audio at the Fortress in Obetz. We hope to see you there.  

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