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The KEF LS60 is a 21st Century version of a vintage RCA stereo console without the massive amount of wood cabinetry and Mid Century Modern styling.  These are a well engineered speakers with matched onboard amplifiers and circuitry that celebrates simplicity and music in one package.

The vintage stereo console has been distilled into an elegantly modern acoustic architectural ensemble.  All the techno-clutter is gone, and all you need is a Smartphone and you’re ready, set, done.  


The LS60’s aren’t just KEF’s smaller brother, the LSX50 Wireless speakers made into towers.  This project celebrates KEF’s 60th Anniversary and in many important ways, challenges what a speaker should be.  For one thing – it’s not a speaker – it’s a complete sound system.


KEF is creating exceptionally well-received audio products that leverage modern technology and manufacturing techniques and has over the years, developed an identifiable KEF design language of their own. There are many people who will be drawn to these speakers as architectural audio art. The LS60 bring something novel to high end audio – no clutter, no black boxes, wires or subwoofers. This design integrates everything into the speakers. The industrial design by Michael Young showcases design work that employs a sophisticated minimalism with clean sculptural details.  Finishes available are the Mineral White, Titanium Grey and Royal Blue. Price is $6,999.99 for the system. 



The KEF LS60 gives you freedom

You’re free to focus on what matters, it could be relaxing, reading, listening, talking to the wonderful  person next to you. Relax… this is one system that asks little from you, other than to take the time to enjoy listening to your favorite music. 


KEF has leveraged a number of its proven concepts, including the 12th-generation coaxial, time-aligned Uni-Q driver with meta-material disc, and similarly to the KEF KC62 subwoofer uses high-powered, force-cancelling twin woofers. To power the drivers, KEF uses three separate built-in amplifiers in each speaker. Each driver then has an amplifier purposefully built and dedicated to it. With 100 watts of Class AB power to the tweeter, 100 watts of Class D to the midrange driver, and a big Bulldozer Class D amp pushing 500 watts of power to the twin woofers for a total of 700 watts per speaker and according to KEF, are only down -6dB at 26Hz.  Impressive.


This is audiophile performance for non-audiophiles or perhaps people that appreciate exceptional products and are done with all the mixing, matching and evaluating.  The KEF LS60 allows you to stop tinkering, measuring and obsessing about audio equipment and speakers.

The craft of reproducing music in the home is part science, part hobby.  The KEF LS60 and their audio engineers have made music reproduction in the home, less science and more hobby. 


There is no doubt the KEF LS60’s have set a benchmark for performance in all aspects.  While $7,000 is a lot of money, when you add up a similar system: preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, control solution, active room compensation,  interconnects, speakers, speaker wire… you quickly realize you’re well over $6,500 and counting.

If you want to free yourself of all the audio boxes, jumble of wires, and multiple remotes and all that audio clutter, and replace it with one visually and acoustically satisfying solution, the KEF 60 is well worth the money. 


“This sounds so right. Everything — timbre, dynamics, spatial presentation — seemed so natural and effortless.”

     – SOUNDSTAGE, United States

The LS60 Wireless’ flawless execution puts you at the heart of the recording, enveloping you beautifully, and despite the less-than-demo-room-perfect speaker positioning in this reviewer’s normal living space, the sweet spot was enormous, almost to the point of nonexistence.

– wIRED, United states



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