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Triad LCR Platinum | Clarity + Authority

Triad Platinum LCR’s are in a class by themselves

Dynamic and powerful, these will unwravel even the most complex audio scenes
Able to play at loud volumes without strain, compression or distortion.
Horn loaded tweeter – achieves exceptionally fast transient response.
Large drivers deliver superior performance – even playing at thunderous volume levels.
Triad quality – high resolution audio deliver the most subtle details.
Summary: The Triad LCR Platinum is in a rare class. There are many speakers that will deliver soundstaging, inner detail and nuance… but there are very few that deliver detail and delicacy PLUS the ability to delivery enormous amounts of volume with authority when the movie demands it. The Triad LCR Platinum deliver the best of both worlds. Exceptional clarity for the voice or center channel and detail for off camera sound effects. Note that these are very efficient speakers with a 94+dB sensitivity. They can really play – very loud when called upon – without you needing a massive amplifier upgrade.

We have tremendous respect for the Triad LCR Platinum we believe you will too.


Drive units: One 1″ proprietary ultra high efficiency fabric dome tweeter mounted into a Dispersion Control Lens
Two 5-1/4″ proprietary designed Scan-speak midranges
Two 10″ proprietary high efficiency Scan-speak woofers
Power handling: Maximum power rating 500-watts
Impedance: Nominal impedance 4-ohms, 3.2-ohms minimum
Sensitivity: 94.5 dB/1W/1m
Anechoic frequency response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
Dimensions: 12″ x 39.5″ x 16″ (40.6cm) (W x H with feet x D with grille)
Net weight: 135 lbs each! Yes, 135 lbs a piece.
Finish: Black


“Since the primary design goal of the Triad Platinum series is home theater, I targeted the majority of my critical listening on this application. From the very first movie, it was clear that every single area of the Triad system’s performance was stupendous. I expected fantastic dynamics, weight, power, and extension, but the more subtle areas of performance were very surprising and are what make the Triad Platinums something special.
…The Triads made every movie, every audio track sound alive with excitement and emotion.”

Review by Home Theater & High Fidelity, United States

“…Although no component is truly bulletproof, the Triad InRoom Platinum speaker system comes as close to that ideal as any I’ve seen. It can play louder than most humans can stand, and do it without showing any signs of stress. The Triad Platinum PowerSub produces low frequencies with both ease and a speed that few subwoofers can equal. When it comes to low-level resolution this system gives up little in terms of finesse when compared to more “audiophile” speakers, yet it delivers the dynamically exciting sound of large professional studio monitors.
…In short, if you demand that your music and soundtracks be loud, clean, dynamic, and exciting, the Triad InRoom Platinum speaker system sure can deliver the goods.

Review by SOUND & VISION, United States

Bryston BDP-1 Player & BDA-1 DAC – USED
SOLD AS A SET: $1,698


Models: Bryston BDA-1 Digital to Analog Converter and BDP-1 Digital Player.
Notes: The BDP-1 and BDA-1 were highly regarded by the audio world when they were released and marked a new threshold for Bryston, which had not entered the Digital arena prior to these products.
Condition: Excellent, includes original boxes and manuals.

Sale Terms: Used – includes 30 Day Warranty.

“The Bryston BDP-1 is simple in function and purist in design, a combination that worked well in playing high-resolution music files. Its slim chassis and case of silvery brushed aluminum, simple controls, and outstanding sound make it a prime example of classic Bryston value”.Stereophile