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Excellence in Every Dimension

It has never been enough to carry the highest performing product in the category. There are other facets to consider, reliability, build quality and responsiveness in support. While we believe in carrying the very best performing products possible, we also recognize that products are only as good as the people behind the product. As we all have discovered, when we need responsive support, it’s people, not product that make the difference.

We carry brands that exemplify excellence in every dimension, including the human.

Some of the brands have limited financial resources. They focus their dollars on R&D, not on large advertising budgets. Brands such as Anthem and Bryston electronics are brands similarly found in other lifestyle categories: Martin guitars, Seven bicycles, or Breitling watches. All our brands share similar traits: impeccable performance, exceptional build quality, and outstanding support.


Around the world, from Copenhagen to Columbus, the brands we carry are internationally regarded as the best-in-class of audio amplifier design at their respective price-point. We carry two-channel amplifiers, and multi-channel amplifiers for home stereo, home theater in a wide price range. Anthem, Ayre, Bryston, Cambridge Audio are available for you to audition.

Digital Processors | DAC's

DAC’s have come of age, available as a separate component, or as an integrated component with the Digital Music Players. DAC’s play a vital role in the faithful reproduction of your music and theater.

Network Players

The ability to manage your entire library opens up new horizons for your enjoyment. Digital media allows access, control and spectacular sound from where ever you are.

Stereo Preamplifiers

In some ways, a preamplifier can make more of a difference in your system’s sound than a power amplifier. The clarity, tonal accuracy, and especially soundstaging is revealed and shaped by a quality preamplifier.


Our preamplifier/processor lineup is designed for someone on a budget or looking for the tour-de-force, we can show you what the real differences are. Stop in and talk with us, and you’ll learn what’s really relevant and desirable in a processor.


Our residential projector lineup represent best of breed anywhere in the world. Our commercial projector lineup are engineered to delivery high contrast presentations in the most demanding environments.


Receivers deliver incredible performance at a reasonable price, featuring best-in-class processing and amplification. In a world obsessed with the “dollar per feature ratio”, we deliver a home theater receiver lineup that delivers on performance – not bells & whistles.


Soundbar differences are easily distinguished side-by-side, and not online. They impart a sound quality that is easily revealed. We carry a full line of soundbar speakers – at all price points. Some can deliver excellent in-room performance with a minimum of installation requirements.


Speakers can make the most audible difference in system performance. Hear the difference and never look back. Brands include KEF, Paradigm, Revel, JBL Synthesis and more. From in-wall, outdoor, on-wall, in-ceiling, invisible, bookshelf and tower… we carry them all. Stop in and see and feel real performance.


We feature subwoofers from KEF, Paradigm, Revel and Triad. Subwoofers vary greatly in performance and adaptability to the room, so stop in and see how the best performing subwoofers are engineered and manufactured with precision materials, cabinets and software.


Televisions are a vital part and we carry the some of the best brands, SONY and SAMSUNG featuring, LCD and OLED displays. Let’s talk your performance and use strategy. We have some ideas and installation strategies that may save some money and increase performance – and most of all, your satisfaction.


We offer turntables from $500 to $9,000, with many attractive options in between. Our line up features EAT, Mark Levinson, Music Hall and Pro-Ject – brands offering exceptional performance for the dollar. We have over 30 years experience in turntables, tonearms and cartridges. Find the best turntable solution – where you can see, touch and audition – before you buy.